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My Shift Planner - Calendar

My Shift Planner - Calendar


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My Shift Planner - Calendar
If you work shifts, you'll love MyShiftPlanner. Designed for anyone who wants to organize a work calendar. See your shifts at a glance and get back control of your shift work diary.

Powerful custom features that can handle almost any rotating shift work roster. 350,000+ shift workers around the world are enjoying our shift planning features.


✅ See your shift schedule in an easy-to-use color-coded calendar
✅ Common shift rotas built-in:
✅4 On/4 Off
✅DuPont Schedule
✅Continental Pattern
✅Custom Repeating Patterns
✅Non-repeating patterns
✅ Customize shift rotas, shift types, names, times and colors
✅ See your gross pay calculations for any period*
✅ Easy to change your rota for the future*
✅ Set reminders and customize alerts*
✅ Supports multiple personal calendars for second jobs, colleagues or family*


✅ Time and pay tracking tools*
✅ See your earnings for any period*
✅ Customize pay rates for shifts or overtime*
✅ Track of annual leave allowance*
✅ See reports for hours worked, overtime, leave and pay *
✅ Add your pay day schedules*


✅ Sync with a device calendar or Google Calendar to manage your work, social, and family events in one place*
✅ Sync MyShiftPlanner account and data between your devices
✅ Email and share your shift pattern information with other users*


✅ Caters for public holidays in many countries
✅ Supports split shifts and week numbers
✅ Add up to two shifts per day*
✅ Supports 24-hour shifts
✅ Choose from 3 app styles - Light, Dark and Gray
✅ Today Widget included
✅ TouchID and FaceID protection for your app
✅ Works on both
✅ Regular updates with new features, fixes and improvements

My Shift Planner is designed for:
✅ Police
✅ Firefighters
✅ Nurses
✅ Doctors
✅ Paramedics
✅ Subway Workers
✅ Bus Drivers
✅ Truckers
✅ Pilots and Airline Crew
✅ Airport and Check-in Workers
✅ Call Centre Workers
✅ Supermarket Workers
✅ Emergency Worker
✅ Military
✅ Security Guards
✅ Bartenders
✅ Waiters and Waitresses
✅ Anyone who works random hours and days.

* Denotes Pro-Feature

We are a small team, who work very hard to support our users. If you find MyShiftPlanner helpful in managing your shift work life, you can help us to improve it and add even more new features.

Buying PRO gives you even more features, but also greatly supports the continuous development of the app. Pro includes:
⭐️ Calendar Sync - Copy shifts into a device calendar
⭐️ Pay Calculations – see gross pay calculation for any period.
⭐️ Multiple Patterns - add future rotas for when your shift schedules change
⭐️ Multiple Shifts - add a second shift to any day
⭐️ Multiple Calendars - create more calendars to track second job or partner's shifts
⭐️ Calendar Overlay - see two calendars or a shared calendar together
⭐️ Custom Icons - add for personal appointments or special shifts
⭐️ Sharing - share your calendar with others (eg. partner or colleagues)
⭐️ Repeating Pay Schedules - set your payday to show automatically in your calendar
⭐️ Work Time Report - track worked hours, overtime, pay and annual leave for any period
⭐️ Shift Reminders - make sure you never miss a shift.
⭐️ Leave Allowance and Tracking - track your annual leave in hours or days. Make sure you make full use of your yearly allowance
⭐️ Removal of all adverts

• Privacy policy: https://www.myshiftplanner.com/privacy-policy/
• Terms of Use:https://myshiftplanner.com/terms-and-conditions

If you experience problems installing or using My Shift Planner, please contact us via our Facebook page or support@myshiftplanner.co.uk as we'd be more than happy to help.

Please give us the opportunity to help solve your issues before submitting bad reviews. We're here to help you and want to show you why we're so proud of My Shift Planner.
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Victoria Pickavance 2022-09-20

Fantastic app , my shifts are different every day, and with the colour coding makes my life so easy , I'm very new to the app and still learning, but definitely the best shift app out there x
Sandy Sutherland 2022-09-19

The app is absolutely spot on holiday days/days off/working days or nights very helpful,
lee power 2022-09-18

Very good. Takes 10 mins orientation but we'll worth it and an excellent calendar for shift workers. Best one I've used and so happy I found it
Pauline Kerwood 2022-09-17

Fantastic app use it all the Time wouldn't be without it
Blessing Egbewuare 2022-09-17

I have long been using my shift planner and it has never disappointed me, it has been very good.
Sue Cairnes 2022-09-15

I've had the free version of shift planner for years as I work Fifo and it helps me plan ahead knowing whether I'm at home or on break. Since purchasing the paid version I use the app more than ever before. I'd be lost without it now ?
Fiona Brown 2022-09-15

Excellent app, easy to use and accommodates my shift pattern very well.
Eugene L 2022-09-15

Useful and stable. Helps in everyday nursing work.
Nick Stanners 2022-09-15

Once set up excellent for planning ahead simple to use
Stephanie Greenwood 2022-09-13

Excellent for planning my work shifts and booking holidays.i would highly recommend using this app to anyone.