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Calendar Widget: Month/Agenda

Calendar Widget: Month/Agenda


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Calendar Widget: Month/Agenda
Two minimalistic, fully customizable and resizable widgets - agenda (list) and month (grid) offers you quick glance over your daily schedule directly on your home screen. Widget can display events from facebook, google or corporate exchange calendar.

It is also possible to set a custom reminders on events from calendar - so you'll never miss anything again!

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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Dr. Siddharth Kharkar 2022-08-21

It's a very nice app. Works well and is elegant. Events today are displayed with additional date entries e.g. Aug 20 ¦ 20 Aug, 9:40 pm to 20 Aug, 9:50 pm ==== Need an option to display it simply: Aug 20 ¦ 9:40 pm to 9:50 pm Hence docking one star.
Sheroz Hamid 2022-08-09

Would be better if you could color the header and days separately, and color in boxes for what days you wanted.
Shannon 2022-08-07

While I love the look of this these widgets, especially compared to the default calendar widgets, it's very frustrating that repeating events are not displayed. What good is an agenda that doesn't show meetings/calls that occur on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis? I've spent weeks trying to figure out why one of my subscribed calendars wasn't displaying. Weeks. Because it's mostly repeating events. Do better.
Aidan Gregory 2022-08-02

Firstly I'd like to say that I'm a fan of Calendar Widget - I've tried loads of other similar apps and this is as good as I've found. However, one thing that frustrates me is the way multi-day events are shown with just the event name and the date range. This is fine if you're looking at the current day but it's easy to miss that future days are unavailable because the multi-day event is not repeated. It would be nice to have an option to show all event days like the Google Calendar widget.
Kimberly Youngblood 2022-06-30

This is a really great calendar widget. It looks really nice and is also very useful. I liked it so much, I purchased the pro version. I also have been using the developers Note Widget for quite a while now and really like it alot as well.
Jake Clifford 2022-06-28

I realized for the first time that the calendar was set to 2021. It's 2022. Attempting to advance the calendar to the current date, it won't go past March 2022. It's June. A calendar that can't display the proper date is of zero use to me.
Alex 2022-06-25

Is there also a way for the times to show in their own local zone? For flights its is quite important to show at the local time of departures...
Esmail Beguwala 2022-06-18

It's a good app, does what it says. I did run into a few glitches that I found difficult to get around after I switched to a new phone but the developer was kind enough to help me resolve them. Turns out the issue was with Google Calendar cache and not with this app. Needless to mention the widget with its transparent background looks aesthetically pleasing so go ahead and try it out.
Prabhu B 2022-06-12

The latest update has broken the widget. Could you please fix this? The widget says "problem loading widget".
uday narayan 2022-06-06

huge slow or stucking ,not able to change month