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Sectograph. Day & Time planner


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Sectograph. Day & Time planner
Sectograph is a time planner that visually displays a list of tasks and events for the day in the form of a 12-hour pie chart - a watch dial.
The application will help you sharpen your sense of time and allow you to visualize your day.


In short, it is a projection of your routine and tasks onto the clock face. It visualizes your day for precise timekeeping and offers you peace of mind.
The scheduler works like an analog clock face. It automatically fetches all the events from your Google calendar (or local calendar) and places them on a 12-hour sectored watch face. This technology can be called a "Calendar clock".


The list of your calendar events is projected in the form of a pie chart in the application and on the home screen widget.
Events are sectors, the beginning and duration of which you can clearly track using special arcs to follow your plan.
A calendar and analog clock combined gives you an amazingly visual representation of your work, allowing you to effectively plan and calculate your day.


✔ Daily scheduling and visual timing. Track your daily tasks, agendas, appointments, and events in Sectograph, and at any time, find out how much time is left until the end of the current event and the start of the next one. Don't be late.
✔ Accounting and control of working hours. Keep your phone in the docking station at your workstation and your office day plan is under control.
✔ Schedule of classes. Keep your phone close at hand and see how much time is left until the end of those tiring lectures – and never be late for lab work again.
✔ Self-organization at home. Your daily routine is now more convenient than ever. Remember to balance work, rest and physical activity, just use the app as an organizer for your home routine.
✔ Trip timer and flight duration. Do you lose track of time due to endless travel and flights? Visually control your check-in, landing and flight duration. Keep everything under control.
✔ Follow your meal schedule, medication schedule, exercise therapy, and other important activities. Lead the right lifestyle and be healthy!
✔ Convenient countdown of any lengthy scheduled events. Don't miss the end of your vacation and know exactly how many days are left until the end of your military service.
✔ Monitor everyday affairs on the go and in your car. Achieve your goals by keeping the application installed on the device.
✔ Time management using GTD technology. Is planning your day confusing? With the function of striking out or hiding flagged events, keep your chart as clean as possible. Sectograph will improve your time management.
✔ My goals. The app can be used to achieve goals from your Google calendar. It will help you with timekeeping, organize your day, and assist you in completing your goals on time.
✔ Attention-deficit. According to our users, the application is effective for attention-deficit hyperactivity syndrome (ADHD). If you are wasting time and have trouble concentrating on tasks, this app may be useful to you.
✔ The application will be useful for fans of the "Chronodex" concept. You can use the Sectograph as an analog of a paper diary used by this concept.
✔ Display doings from Microsoft Outlook calendar. (beta)

SMARTWATCH on OS Wear (Android Wear)

Do you have a Wear OS smartwatch?
Excellent! Use watch face Sectograph. Now your smartwatch is an efficient planner!


Use the day planner widget on your device's home screen.
The widget automatically updates events and its clock once a minute, as well as after any new events appear in the calendar.
You can view details of the event on the widget and access some of its options by clicking on the corresponding sector.
Wallpaper: http://www.matthias-heiderich.de
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Denis Dutrannois 2022-08-14

Since latest update the size of the widget change all the time making this app unusable.
first last 2022-08-12

out of the box time, the one and only, round management - calendar apps.thank dev. please please develop web version.
Sara Bloss 2022-08-12

I've been wanting a visual calendar like this for some time, to the point that I considered making my own after I wrap up my current software project. However, this app has all the functionality you could ever want, and I'm absolutely delighted with it. I paid for the upgrade to pro so that I could customize the colors and it was 100% worth the $8. I'm so glad this exists, and I have no desire to make my own when this does everything I need. I can't recommend this product highly enough!
Harlena Ellis 2022-08-10

The idea of this app is so appealing, however you cannot just add to the clock without adding the "event" to the calender first. Why would I use the clock then if it's in my calendar already?
Jesai Tarun 2022-08-10

AMAZING. Thanks so much Dev, i had some sort of physical version of this that took hours to photoshop and print lmao - and now on my wrist CV! Btw: 1. I made a new Google Calendar 'calender' which i wanna use for the schedule, and while the app lets you select it, it doesn't work (stuff doesn't show up):/ only the main event calendar does :') 2. Also, the widget tap to open external app doesn't work (err: app can't open itself) 3. And the wearOS app/face having an interactive timeline? :3
Shiv singh Chambyal 2022-08-10

Graphically.....seriously a very good concept.
Derrick Washington 2022-08-09

This is a very good app, im personally using it to help with my weight lost. Being able to see and now when workout times are coming are key.
geetesh patil 2022-08-09

App is great but why no watchface for Samsung watch ? would be great to have it for Samsung watch as well.
Hayet Coghlan 2022-08-09

Great App, super helpful for visualizing time for those AS :)
Big D 2022-08-09

Never seen this kind of app before but I love it and have added it to all my phone's and sent it on to my friends to use. Wasn't what I was looking for but came across it and it's great ??