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aCalendar - your calendar

aCalendar - your calendar


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aCalendar - your calendar
aCalendar 2 is available NOW!
We improved everything but kept it familiar.
For questions or problems see our new help system at https://acalendar.tapirapps.de or contact our support at support@tapirapps.de

● intuitive navigation between day, week, month and agenda view
● 7 powerful widgets
● printing
● export as ICS or CSV
● year view
● lots of design and view customizations
● Google Calendar management
● flexible recurrences
● birthdays from your contacts (or without contacts)
● uses Android's native calendar backend and synchronization
● moon phases
● mini month or graphical week overview in day and week view
● free with ads and some one-time IAPs

EXTRA FEATURES (aCalendar+ or as In-App-Purchase)
● Public holidays (and school holidays for some countries) - configurable in the calendar list
● More colors (theme/UI colors, background colors, calendar colors, event colors)
● Business features (Invite attendees, link contacts, free/busy, private, profiles, share as ICS)
● Tasks (manage Google Tasks or tasks from CalDAV/OpenTasks)
● No ads (removes the occasional ad)
♥ 10% for the planet! Tapir Apps is a proud sponsor of World Land Trust, Rainforest Trust and the Tapir Specialist Group.

● move forward and backward in the calendar by swiping vertically
● switch between calendar views with a horizontal swipe (opens the day or week you start the swipe gesture on) or double-tap for day view
● tap to open a calendar event
● long-press to add new calendar event
● long-press on mini-month to go to today or jump to date
● configurable actions on 3-finger-tap, tap on title, volume buttons
● long press an event in day view to drag to a different time

aCalendar only requests permissions needed for app functionality. aCalendar+ respects your privacy and will NEVER send any of your private data anywhere unless configured by YOU. Please contact us if you have questions about permissions.

aCalendar+ is translated into more than 30 languages, mostly by volunteers - please let us know if there is a bad translation somewhere or you want to add your language.

♥ aCalendar is made with love, sweat and tears in the heart of Munich. If you like aCalendar, please rate or comment and recommend it to your friends. Also consider upgrading to aCalendar+ for extra features ♥
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Yvonne Deng 2022-08-15

Been using this with multiple shared Google calendars on android 11 for several years and it works. Initial setup a bit confusing (suggesting that some features are paid for when they're not) but fine once you make it through.
Lawrence Chao 2022-08-11

It's a good tool to export calendar data to other account easily after tried many apps to do that but failed. It's easy to manage multiple accounts' calendar in one place.
Ron Robertson 2022-08-05

Great calendar, love format.
Richard Teague 2022-08-05

A very nice Calendar with one drawback which I can not yet resolve. I have multiple accounts with accessible calendars but I do not want aCalendar accessing them all. I have denied access to one of my Gmail accounts however aCalendar continues to prompt android system to ask me to provide access several times a day. I have emailed devs but nothing back yet. How do I stop aCalendar doing this??
Dr. Natalie P. Alford 2022-07-22

Been using for years works well! The color coding is wonderful.
Robert R 2022-07-22

Great widget, would LOVE verticle scroll in month view. I've been hunting for an app/widget with this feature. Please! Edit to response: an older app I used has it. Works great on their widget.
Mikki Ruu 2022-07-08

Very easy to use and reliable. Happy customer!
Anna Ramos 2022-07-07

So far so good. I had been using Business Calendar for years but it wasn't syncing properly with my Google calendar, so I got sick of it. This one is much faster with the syncing - almost immediate. However, is there a way to get rid of the ads? Like a paid version??
Richard Long 2022-07-03

Great app and widget. Would get 5 stars if if would display shared Google Calendar entries that are more than 12 months away. There is a workaround for this in the online help but you need the premium version aCalendar+ or Business Features.
brumy9 2022-06-29

Great app. Well organized. It just works well.