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Life Planner Personal Planner
Celebrate today and plan for tomorrow with Life Planner

Life Planner helps you be more productive, manage your finances, and develop healthy habits that stick.

Thousands of people rely on Life Planner to stay organized, manage their finances, and bring joy to their lives.

Life Planner is simple and easy to use, with many features to help you improve your life by staying organized and achieving your goals.

All the functions you need in one app.
Productivity Features
Personal Finance Functions
Properties of habits
Journal functions

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All of these features in one easy-to-use application.

Increase your productivity
Organize your tasks and to-do list
Life Planner gives you task manager, to-do lists, daily schedule, goal tracking, planner, calendar, notes, reminders, checklists, calendar events, shopping lists and more.
Monthly calendar view & agenda view, projects, task lists all side by side.
Get unlimited and customizable reminders so you don't miss a moment.
Keep all your work; To-do lists, projects, tasks and calendars are synchronized so you don't forget anything.

Get all the memories you need in one place.

Get unique reminders, recurring reminders, daily reminders, and more.

Personal Finance
Best in class app for financial planning, expense tracking, and personal finance management.

Life Planner makes managing your finances a breeze! Now you can easily record your personal and business financial transactions, generate expense reports, review your daily, weekly and monthly financial data, and manage your bills with Life Planner's expense tracker and budget planner.

Plan your monthly budget and plan your recurring expenses right from your phone.

Based on the dates entered, you can instantly see your expenses by date and category, as well as changes between each month and even year!

You can also use graphs and charts to view your expenses and income.

Life Planner supports monthly budgets for any number of years as well as daily and one-off budgets for special occasions and birthday parties.

habits and routines
Keep your routine and habits organized while you build strong habits that stick
Now you can keep track of your habits in one place.
Just put your routine into Life Planner and record your progress every day.

Set habitual reminders; as many as you want. No limit!

Define habits according to your needs
Create different habits and routines, set daily, weekly or even monthly goals.
Organize your habits by time of day so you can easily identify when to start your morning, afternoon, or evening routine.

Build strong habits and improve every day
Create traces of success for your habits and keep yourself motivated by tracking your progress over time.
See your progress weekly and monthly with a calendar. You can see your progress over the years if you want.

Get a daily diary with lock
Life Planner allows you to record daily diaries, secret thoughts, trips, moods and private moments.
Enjoy a diary with pictures, support for adding themes, stickers, mood, and fonts.

Automatic synchronization
Take your data with you wherever you go. Life Planner is automatically synchronized with all your connected devices, with unlimited storage space.

Life Planner gives you all the tools you need to improve your life and leads to a more rewarding life.

Our goal is to brighten up your days by giving you the tools to succeed.

Life Planner is a really good "LIFE APP" and it deserves to be installed. Life Planner will always be with you and listen to you.

If you like our app, please leave us 5 stars.
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Cynthia Lackey 2022-09-13

App keeps crashing. Cannot delete budget items and the app does not combine all telephone expenses under one telephone budget item list. Should be able to open on a graph the telephone budgeted item and it open to a list of all telephone expenditures.
Keith Regan 2022-08-19

Not real memorable & that speaks multitudes to Saud quality if I do say so
Richard Whitaker 2022-06-30

If I could give it a minus I would. Signed up for free 7 days, but wasn't what I wanted. Tried to cancel but doesn't give me that option. Tried to send a message but won't let me out of Gmail.
Bernadette van Schalkwyk 2022-06-06

In app but you have to pay to use.
xou 2022-05-19

looks good, cant log in or register (not even with google) edit: great app for basically anything. devs responded quickly and fixed my issue
Darwin Ingal 2022-05-15

Need to sign up first
Alejandro Rodriguez 2022-05-04

It glitches a lot.
Miss Tonya c007 2022-05-02

Very cute! But Must create an account and allow sharing of your private info.
Breawna Barr 2022-04-24

Don't bother. It gets you into using it so you've got some important data, entries or notes saved and then after a couple weeks it won't allow you to open it up or get back into the app unelss you pay for it.
Jessica Price 2022-04-24

It all costs money...