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Notion - notes, docs, tasks

Notion - notes, docs, tasks


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Notion - notes, docs, tasks
Write, plan & get organized in one place. Customize Notion to work the way you do.

Free for personal use

- Never hit a storage limit — add as much content as you want
- Just drag and drop to craft the dashboard, website, doc, or system you need

Free to try with your team

- Invite your team members and start getting organized with a free trial
- 90% of Forbes Cloud 100 companies use Notion to get work done


Drag & drop anything. Organize everything.


Easily share pages. Add comments and @mention teammates.


Create beautiful docs with images, to-do's, and 20+ more content types.


Nest pages inside pages. No more messy folders.


Turn any Notion page into a website in just two taps.


Pick up on desktop where you left off on mobile.

To download the desktop app, visit notion.so/desktop.
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Rahul 2022-08-15

Hey dear Notion you have done great job in improving the UX in mobile texting in landscape mode. But i have issues with search bar. Quick find doesn't give best results. when i search for a word inside doc/page, search result show only few of them while leaving others aside. Please ?? fix this.
Jovani Gallegos Álvarez 2022-08-15

Need an update for stability It's an exceptional app, but in mobile phones work so bad that it's painful to use. Please, update for stability, the app work under 30 fps sometimes and has lag almost all time.
Artur Turdiev 2022-08-15

The web version is so good that it is mind boggling how this app came to exist. You can't paste a title to a table entry. Why? When you're working with a table you almost always want to go landscape. And guess what happens when you do? 4 stupid fixed buttons at the bottom get stretched and take 1/5 of you screen. If you have a table locked, it shows as another fixed row at the top, so another 1/5 of screen estate gone. Suggestions: let users disable the bottom row menu. Add compact mode. +perf
moshood oshindele 2022-08-14

Notion is really good but they have a lot to do in their mobile app. I can't perform a task as simple as copying text from a Notion Page. Notion Web is pretty good though. I'd recommend if you're not heavily reliant on mobile.
Harsh Asnani 2022-08-14

Update : The lag is fixed after i updated Notion Team about this issue via an email. The team took 2-3 days to fix this issue and now the Android app is working fine on my device. I highly recommend Notion to everyone ********************************************* OLD REVIEW This app is really laggy
Jessica J Morgan Ashley 2022-08-13

The best app I have found so far for organization. I love the fact that you can share specific pages of your notion with others to view! I'm using this feature to create my portfolios and I absolutely love! You can also earn some credits to put towards a few months of the plus version, so no cost!
Anjitha A 2022-08-13

Absolutely amazing app ? ? has totally changed the way I organise my life. Fantastic for uni students as you can get notion on two devices for free. Takes a little time to get used to the interface but once you've learnt how to use it works really well?
josh wanner 2022-08-13

Notion on mobile needs an overhaul, it is much too difficult to find things. A simple fix would be a zoom out feature so you can see a bit more on the screen, and also more compact tables with tighter cells so that you can see more in the view. Doing that and turning your phone in landscape should help a lot. Currently I can't see much when turning the phone in landscape so I really don't use the app much.
Joseph Tincknell 2022-08-12

Literally the best app I've ever used how is this 3.5 stars w**. Fix your ratings folks! This is the only app I get giddy about introducing people to. And I don't get giddy. There's so much depth to it and it's so easy to manuvuer threw. Not that any other app has as much capability as notion but the ones that have even a quarter of the options feel cluttered. Notion isn't cluttered. It's as smooth as your boyfriend when you first met him.
Dylan Lane 2022-08-11

The layout & idea of the app is great, but the user experience is just shocking. On android the app lags, crashes all the time, notes disappear. Very disappointing to say the least.