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Appointments Planner Calendar

Appointments Planner Calendar


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Appointments Planner Calendar
Using Appointments Planner will help you organize your schedule and customize it however you like.

There are many useful features available, such as customizing your schedule for each day, add holidays and set non working days, attach different kinds of options to your appointments like prices, colors, address, duration and so on.

Do you need your assistant, secretary or colleagues to be able to see your calendar and manage your appointments? Create or join groups to share the calendar with others!
This Appointments Agenda offers the option to create up to 10 different groups where you can invite your colleagues to join the group or you can join others invitation.

In this Appointment Calendar you can Send SMS reminders to your customers, check and export reports, see all details about your clients, check all reminders and see all the upcoming appointments.

In the free trial version you can add up to 20 appointments and if you decide this Appointment Book Calendar is what you were looking for, there are different kinds of very affordable subscriptions from where you can choose.
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James Stewart 2022-09-15

Jimmy Scottsman 2022-07-10

This app is great for appointments but when I share with group they nvr recieve invite & can't access the appointments
Thoa Nc 2022-05-14

the app does not synchronyze with google calendar
Lisa Welch 2022-05-03

Use this instead of my calendar very nice app
Luca Szabo 2022-04-06

Cool❤ love it! Very helpful.
Filip Szabo 2022-04-03

After using your app,I have a lot of free time.Thank you very much! (And also,great update)
Fiona Wright 2022-04-02

I loved this app but today it wouldn't work. It said there is a bug in it so I unistalled it. I wonder if I reinstall, will it work properly. I paid for mine.
Elizabeth Escamilla 2022-04-01

I don't know what happened to my app everything changed the format and how my appointment Times were done worked just fine the way it was now everything is distorted I don't know what happened
gaurav agarwal 2022-03-31

Great.i would appreciate if time slot default option of 5 min is also there in place of 15 min
David Hawsey 2022-02-02

Tried to enter appointment time and it did nothing. No good to me thatway,I deleted.