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Proton Calendar: Daily Planner

Proton Calendar: Daily Planner


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Proton Calendar: Daily Planner
Proton Calendar is an easy-to-use planner and a time-management tool that keeps your schedule private

Additional Highlights
✓ Schedule planner syncs automatically across browsers and devices
✓ Create recurring events on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or custom basis
✓ Use as an appointment scheduler in local or foreign time zones
✓ Manage up to 20 calendars (paid feature)
✓ View your agenda from the home screen with the Proton Calendar widget
✓ Add multiple reminders for any event
✓ Use as a daily planner or monthly planner by switching between different views
✓ Choose to view your event schedule in dark mode or light mode

✓ No ads, no trackers, and no data sharing with any third parties
✓ Unlike other popular calendar apps, we can’t spy on your activities or misuse your data
✓ End-to-end encryption — fully encrypted data exchange between Proton Calendar users
✓ Zero-access encryption — event names, descriptions, and participants are encrypted on our servers
✓ Based in Switzerland ?? — All your data is protected by strict Swiss privacy laws

Building an internet that puts people ahead of profits
✓ Funded by users, not advertisers — privacy is our business model
✓ Built by scientists and engineers who met at CERN and MIT and founded Proton Mail
✓ Used by high-profile journalists and organizations globally
✓ GDPR and HIPAA compliant
✓ Based in Switzerland and protected by some of the world’s strongest privacy laws

What others say about Proton Calendar
“Proton Mail has now made it stupid-easy to encrypt your schedule. Information about what you plan to do, where, and with whom, can be just as sensitive as the messages you send and receive.” Gizmodo
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Jubei Roku 2022-10-29

Needs landscape mode for tablets
Daddy Dumblewhore 2022-10-29

Decent app and would love to make it my main, but won't until there is a monthly widget.
K K 2022-10-29

Absolute garbage. Half the time it doesn't work and the other half it it simply displays a search wheel and displays nothing causing you to miss tasks. For the amount Proton charges, you get negative 5 stars service. I will not be renewing with them.
Aleksandr Pogosov 2022-10-28

Thank you, but this calendar requires more variety. 1) Please add colors to tasks. Perhaps even go further. One color might be just a regular yearly event for example someone's birthdays, another color can be single task that you can mark as "completed". That leads to the second point; 2) Add To Do list which is not necessary needs a calendar. For example if it was not marked as completed it will stay " active"; Thank you
Fred Carriker 2022-10-27

Pretty nice interface if you're looking at it. But my 24hr before reminder for an appointment Tuesday popped up today Wednesday more than 24 hrs after the appointment.
Javilla__ 2022-10-27

Its OK. Not getting notifications unless I open the app, so notif for 9am wont display until i open app any time after 9am, so useless. OnePlus 8 pro
Damir Jelic 2022-10-27

Smart App :) only one thing: an appointment is scheduled a few days ago, and app doesn't turn on notification. Can you make it, please? :)
Juhan Seisip 2022-10-22

Because doesnt work without updates
Taylor n Halsted 2022-10-20

The app allows imports from Google calendar, but would be great if one could imports from an .ics file.
MySpewed Comment 2022-10-17

Really love the look of this app. It works fast, and as intended. The only issue, is that an added event will only show recent and future dates, but not past dates.