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Earth Editor

Earth Editor


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Earth Editor
This game is the Android game for the Web game site "DAN-BALL".
A simulation game that creates the Earth using various dots on the field of gravity.

There are various dots of sand, water, seeds, lava, and more.

Be creative. It's up to you!
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

ahmed4363 2022-10-15

Honestly really fun, but i do wish we could get more than just 40000 dots. maybe a hundred thousand dots?
Just A Viewer 2022-10-11

I'm genuinely thinking of killing myself. Its not that i live a "rough life" it's just that I don't see a damn point. My life has had very few ups and at this point we're grazing the bottom. I might have friends but those are only a few pillars. Hell, no pillars would be better than breaking the ones I care about. I have always been told to walk it out and man up. But I'm starting to grow tired. Maybe I'll finally figure out what comes after death, huh. I have always wondered. Time to explore hm
jeremy nkulu 2022-10-05

Pretty good game love the interface keep on the good work
Swastik Jha 2022-08-29

Sand box games are my favorite
Taggart Willson 2022-08-17

It got boring after like a 6 months great time killer though
Mercy Carreon 2022-08-03

I'm playing this a year for now I'm gonna rate it a 5 cuz it's really fun you should download this game :D
Ashie Galaxy 2022-07-23

I've had this game for a while now and i think it would get 5 stars if each particle had its own gravity.
Miles Peterson 2022-07-03

Now I am not gonna lie, I do enjoy this app. But it takes up a lot of storage on my phone. And not only that I just got bored of it after some time. So I'll give it 3 stars for the creativity involved in the app, but I do however like how you can make planets and other stuff, but it's kinda boring after a while playing it.
Gavin McAbee 2022-05-17

Pretty good, but some more elements would be nice 9/10
Dylqn A 2022-04-01

Good game, not much else to say besides it is a good time waster and good to play when the internet goes down