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Jorte Calendar & Organizer
With over 33 million downloads Jorte is one of the most popular calendar & organizer applications.

Recommended by many websites and newspapers as one of the Best Calendar apps.

Yahoo Finance & Tech: "Jorte aspires to be more than just a calendar. It wants to the be the main organization app in your life, and the diary with which you catalog your day-to-day experiences."
Lifehacker: "the ability to show your tasks list under your calendar, and show your day's agenda under the month view when you click on it. It's a really nice way to see everything at once."
The Next Web: "Seriously, if you’re into customizing the look of your calendar, colors, backgrounds, themese or the size of your widgets, then take a look at Jorte."
MakeUseOf: "Jorte goes beyond what other calendar apps are capable of."
NYTimes Tech column suggests Jorte as an alternative to Google Calendar.
App Annie Top 10 app with most Monthly Active Users for 2016 in Japan!
App Judgement: Robust Calendar, Events and Task Manager. Totally customizable to suit your needs.

For personal use or for business Jorte will assist you to manage your daily schedule completely.

▪ Jorte syncs with Microsoft Office 365® - (Jorte Premium members can sync their Office 365 Business Calendar to Jorte)
▪ Jorte syncs with Evernote - Check your notes on your calendar.
o Side Menu - On the Side Menu you can decide what to show, Today's Events, diary, or tasks.
▪ Love typography? Download a font, even use your own fonts! Supports compatibility with most otf and ttf fonts.
▪ Countdown Feature: see how many days are left until an event.
▪ Jorte Diary feature: include photos in calendar events by adding them in your Jorte Diary.
▪ Jorte Cloud: multi-device syncing and backup.
▪ Display Lunar Calendar - Great for Chinese users & users from other Asian countries.
▪ Various widgets are available to set on your Home Screen.
▪ Monthly, Daily, Vertical, and Weekly views are available.
▪ See completed appointments or choose to hide them.
▪ Adjust the first day of the week.
▪ Supports syncing with Google Calendar and Jorte Cloud on your PC Web Browser.

Jorte Premium members have access to advanced features, Icons and Themes!

- Please check here for the latest information & announcements:
- http://facebook.com/jorte.net or https://Twitter.com/jorte_en

= Event Calendars =
With this feature, you can add many calendars containing events related to your interests like the weather forecast, news, sports, comics, food & recipes, video game news, Movie reviews & TV news, and much more.

o Weather Forecast (Conveniently view the weather from locations all over the globe) / News / Sports / Food & Recipes.
- There are many more event calendars available.
- Location data may be used for providing you Weather Forecasts from nearby city and more relevant ads.

= Jorte Cloud (Free) =
Sync Jorte Calendar entries and Tasks to Jorte Cloud.
You can access Jorte Cloud from home, office, and anywhere else from a PC, smartphone or tablet. Backup your schedules and task lists and sync between all your devices!

Sign-up to get a free Jorte Cloud Account and start taking advantage of the cloud experience!

= Jorte Store =
Personalize your Calendar with Icons & Themes to use in Jorte Calendar. Download contents and start customizing your calendar today!

- There are many Icons & Themes available from the Jorte Store.

Terms: http://www.jorte.com/en/kiyaku.php
Privacy Policy: http://www.jorte.com/en/privacy.php
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

joe 2022-08-12

Countdown redundancy, very confusing
Jorte Inc. 2022-08-16
Countdown feature can be used to view how many days are left until an event. This feature is only available to set on a Jorte Calendar. 1. Tap [Event] and enter the details (Time, Title, Description, etc.) 2. Check the [Countdown] checkbox. 3. Tap [Create]. 4. The Event will show how many days are left Until the Event occurs. -> support@jorte.com
K Roban 2022-07-26

There is an issue with setting the time for an event. I'm trying to set a time of 19:30, Pacific/Los Angeles, time but when I click update it displays the event as 20:30, (8:30PM). My phone and jote app are set to Los Angeles time. I also don't see a setting in the jorte app for 24-hour time, 7:30AM = 19:30
Jorte Inc. 2022-07-26
Hello, It seems to be a Time Zone settings issue. Please contact our Support Team at support@jorte.com with providing us with a Time Zone you are currently using on your phone. We will send you back steps to follow for settings your Time Zone. Thank you! - Team Jorte
M Peterson 2022-07-21

Had Jorte for a few years (and phones)...always worked real good. Now with this Samsung... Daylight savings conflicts. Event window reads 1 hr later than entered. Alarm at default setting (10 min Before) goes off 1'10" After event time. Changed settings lock timezone, etc. no effect (only lengthened incorrect time.) Event window timezone drop-down box list central time @ -6:00...main timezone (now) is -5:00 ...daylight savings and all... Fixes used before do not work anymore.
Jorte Inc. 2022-07-21
Please contact our Support Team via support@jorte.com. We will provide you all steps to check your Time Zone settings. Thank you! - Team Jorte
Basil Fairston 2022-06-29

Favourite calender app but can't get it to work with Android 12.
Jorte Inc. 2022-06-30
If the app crashes, check if all needed permissions are provided to Jorte, first. If you see an error log send it to our Support Team, please. Thank you! - Team Jorte
Rubi Resendez 2022-06-27

Use to be 5 stars but I no longer get the option to select a color for my events the button [color] is completely gone, it was one of my favorite features :( now it's boring to look at
Jorte Inc. 2022-06-28
Hello, please pay attention to what calendar you register your new calendar entry (your Google Calendar or "My Calendar Jorte"). The color settings may differ depending on the calendar name. For more details about the color settings, you can contact our Support Team via support@jorte.com. Thank you!
Ashley Fellowes 2022-06-20

I just installed this app and (Google+Amazon+Twitter) are all TRACKING ME. !! I will give this app a few hours before I probably delete it, there are so many apps in the app store and most of these are no good to me.
Jorte Inc. 2022-06-20
Hello Ashley, Thank you for giving Jorte a try. The way you use Jorte app depends on your settings. You can use Jorte off line (without syncing Jorte with your Google Calendar, and/or your location). - Team Jorte
Ta Nikee 2022-06-20

I use this app for many years. Love this calendar. I resigned to some troubles. But the last one make me to think about rejecting of Jorte. At changing to another time zone every yearly note turns to yearly 2-days note!! Now I have to worry, what is the actual date of note. In addition, visually it litters the calendar with long double labels.
Jorte Inc. 2022-06-20
Hello, Could you contact us via support@jorte.com to let us know your current Time Zone? Jorte Support Team will send you back the Time Zone settings and steps to follow. Thank you! - Team Jorte
becca lynn 2022-06-18

I have been using This app for YEARS. I do love it. Although lately it has not been allowing me to add events. Sometimes it works but other times i can make an event but creating it is not an option. It has been frustrating.
Jorte Inc. 2022-06-20
NUMBER OF ENTRIES PER 1 JORTE CALENDAR: - A recurring event can be edited 501 times. - The limit of entries for each calendar is 10,000 entries. When you reach the limit you can create an additional calendar.
Guenther Duvall 2022-06-18

Have used Jorte for over 6 months. Although the layout is nice, each appointment entry is limited to 500 characters. One can only squeeze a limited number of 15 appointments in a single day. Can't export or copy/paste appointments as text files (I know, this feature is reserved to Premium users). Furthermore, appointments of entire days started to "vanish" without prior notice, making Jorte unreliable. That was a good reason to stop using Jorte for good. Please use Jorte at your own risk.
Jorte Inc. 2022-06-20
Hello Guenther, Thank you for your review, and giving Jorte a try. If your calendar entries are backed up in your Jorte Cloud account, or your Google Calendar via Jorte, there should not be a problem to restore your calendar entries. If you decide to give it one more try, contact us via support@jorte.com, please. - Team Jorte
Shoshana Hite 2022-06-16

I love this app but as of today it will not allow me to edit my events and entries..I have tried rebooting and everything but it's not working.. please help
Jorte Inc. 2022-06-20
NUMBER OF ENTRIES PER 1 JORTE CALENDAR: - A recurring event can be edited 501 times. - The limit of entries for each calendar is 10,000 entries. So, when you reach the limit you can create an additional calendar.