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Calendar N


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Calendar N
It's a calendar app that supports daily, weekly, monthly and yearly calendar functions. It supports public holidays for +30 regions. Voice reminders are supported as well.

Lunar phase, sunrise and sunset time are supported. Over 10 widgets are available, including agenda and calendars, clock, world cities time, and sticky note with voice recording feature, counter, Todo list, etc.

Weather service for selected locations are provided by several providers. See the following link for more info.
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Eliza Jones 2022-08-05

Really like the lay out and how you can change the colour, add little symbols to each event.
Jennifer Coopman 2022-07-19

Nice calendar, you can set reminders, it transfered to new phone with no issues.
Henry SAFFRON 2022-06-08

Very happy with easy inclusion of various calendars and accounts. Super friendly and nice app. In my opinion it seems to be nicer than the google present calendar. However, recent versions include USA public holidays that can't be removed and solution is to reverse to an older version ie 1.0.271. ??
31 Witches 2022-04-28

.****Update**** I can't seem to update the app ! Help! Please don't tell me it's discontinued!!! I have Google Voice! No other Calendar automatically add calls to your calendar by name! I have ADHD so having a Calandar that allows you to do this AND repeating events, widgets, reminders, customization & ability to input past events is a life saver! I have litteraly tried at least 50 different apps and this one works great even the unpaid version.
Lecia K. Andrews 2022-04-18

I was looking for a simple calendar like the one I had on my LG phones as my new phone(Moto)didn't come with one. I hate Google Cal & didn't want to just have it to use. I tried a couple others b4 this one & one was almost an exact copy of Google C. I deleted those & got this one. I don't like it as much as my old calendars as far as looks & features & ease but it's close & so far I like it enough to keep & hopefully get used to & like it as much as my old ones on my LG phones. Thnx 4 this one.
Paul Evatt 2022-04-06

By far the best calendar, easy to set up notifications, always reliable.
Y Qiu 2022-04-05

User friendly. With colors sorting makes task easiest to recognise.
jessie lpy 2022-04-05

why my iPhone cannot search this app, used to like it sooo soo much previously in my android phone sob
Richard Nordahl 2022-03-12

App is much more usable than the Samsung Galaxy basic. Monthly calendar is hard to read but is acceptable.
Lisi Liz 2022-03-10

Used to love this app. It was one of my favorites for years. Now, all my daily information is gone from previous years. I don't know what happened. I went to look at a date from 2020 and all the information I entered, for each day, is gone. So upset. I relied on this calendar to review my life pretty much. Just gone.