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WristMap comprises a pair of Android and Wear OS Apps that bring simple mapping capabilities to your wrist when offline. Both are designed for low power consumption. The wearable App can be used standalone.

Offline map sets can be copied from the phone to the watch for standalone use, or the watch can work with an offline map set held on a nearby paired phone. Both Apps can work with online maps. KML and GeoJson overlays can be loaded to both Apps from the phone. WristMap offers a large selection of online maps.

The watch App includes several useful watch face complication providers:

Four formats of location - Lat/Lon, MGRS, British Grid and what3words (needs internet)

AMSL altitude in feet or metres

Sunrise and sunset in your local time

'Crow Flies' distance to home with metric or imperial units

Handheld Battery level.

Current location can be shown as a point on the map on both the phone and watch. The watch and phone map's pan and zoom can be synchronised.

A handy cross hair is used to obtain accurate map locations by tap. The location text, in the selected format, is displayed and is copied to the clipboard.

External storage read permission is needed to access map archives on the handheld. Fine location permission is needed to obtain locations on the handheld and watch.


The location , altitude, sunrise, sunset and crow-flies complications all need Location permission to operate. They will show a "No permission!" message or a value of ! if permission has not been granted. Tapping the complication will enable the user to enable the Location permission. The complications also need location services to be enabled. On tapping the complication, the user will be invited to enable those if they are disabled. A further tap may be needed to fetch a location and update the complication. If location can't be obtained the complications will show X or "Failed".
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