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what3words is an easy way to identify precise locations. Every 10 foot square has been given a unique combination of three words: a what3words address. Now you can find, share and navigate to precise locations using three simple words.

Use what3words to:
- Find your way anywhere in the world using just three words.
- Plan exact meet-up locations.
- Help people find your apartment, business or Airbnb entrance.
- Always find your way back to your parking space.
- Save key locations, from incident reporting to delivery entrances.
- Save your favorite memorable spots – a sunset, a waterfall, proposal location.
- Guide people to accessible entrances.
- Help emergency services find you.

You can find what3words addresses in travel guides, website contact pages, invitations, travel booking confirmations and more – anywhere you would normally find location information. If you’re invited to a friend’s home, ask them to share their what3words address.

Popular features:
- Find your current what3words address offline
- Compatible with navigation apps including Google Maps
- Save your favourite locations and categorise them into lists
- AutoSuggest prompts you with intelligent suggestions
- Available in over 40 languages
- Navigate offline with compass mode
- Add a what3words address to a photo

If you experience any problems or have any questions, email us at support@what3words.com
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Natalie Fieldsend 2022-08-25

Great idea, thankfully not had to use it in an emergency which is a good job as the app keeps shutting down within seconds of me opening it ?
M B 2022-08-24

Don't use it often, but for noticed a week or so back that the app no longer loads.
Kane Worsnop 2022-08-24

I haven't used your app yet, unfortunately when I needed to last night whilst contacting the emergency services I didn't have good enough signal to download it. I have very reluctantly downloaded it now incase I need it in the future, of there was an app that gave a grid reference instead of this ridiculous gimmick of using words then I would delete this app and use it instead. It is literally the most retarded idea using words to give a location when the far superior grid location system exists
Marlon Kirkham 2022-08-24

I love the W3W system, the app could be improved though as it's a bit clunky. I've had to reinstall the app a few times on different devices as I get errors saying "not responding" "wait" etc. I've used it on Samsung Tablets and several phones, Galaxy A70s & A53s. Overall it works well and helps with unique locations. I lived in a new, very rural location for a while that wasn't easily available so I used W3W to share my location for a family party and everyone found me np ?
Clinton Fleenor 2022-08-23

Worked extremely well for directing a fleet of drivers to specific spots in large parking lots. Very nimble search and favorites functions too. My only suggestion: Make satellite the default view.
Eleanor Battel 2022-08-22

This is such an easy app to use and could prove crucial if you lose your bearings whilst out walking on the moors for example or if you need help but can't pinpoint your location. This tool really would keep you safe. I am seeing it more on websites now also to find locations if the postcode isn't recognised on sat nav for example.
Katherine Rugen 2022-08-21

When it worked, this app was great. Now, despite updating, the app won't open at all. Very frustrating, and exactly the opposite of what's needed in an emergency situation
Paul B 2022-08-21

A fantastic life saving idea..... However I can't open the app.... Any suggestions please? I'm on a Google pixel 6
Henrik Brandin 2022-08-21

New Pixel 6a. Playing with One Tap on the back of phone feature, haven't set up or logged in to w3w on this device yet. And when I tap the phone starts to behave odd in other places seemingly. Please fix. w3w is a cool idea, its app has more to wish for. Uninstall till I really need it.
Alan Moore 2022-08-20

Amazing app saves so much time when people are not sure of their location.