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My Tasks: To-do list- Planner

My Tasks: To-do list- Planner


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My Tasks: To-do list- Planner

We present you a unique task scheduler with a huge, and most importantly, necessary functionality! For more convenient planning and task control, the design of the main page of the application is designed as a working week divided into 7 days (Mon-Sun).
Download the application and you will not regret your choice!

The main features of the application:

- scheduling tasks for the day
- planning a list of tasks for the week
- creating subtasks
- completing tasks
- adding a photo to the task
- adding a contact to the task
- creating a general list of tasks without reference to date and time
- create folders
- scheduling recurring tasks
- move to-do list
- copy tasks
- sending tasks
- moving records
- create reminders
- progress calculation
- voice input
- Search
- calendar with additional features
- notifications without internet connection
- synchronization between devices
- automatic transfer of tasks to the next day
- widget
- and much more..


Planner «My Tasks» will become an indispensable assistant for users of all ages and social statuses. From a teenager to a retiree, from a schoolboy to a chief officer, this program is ready to support you with the most stressful schedule.

Indispensable combination of calendar, organizer, planner, notebook and reminder makes the planner «My Tasks» a unique and high-demand application. More than 2 millions people around the world make all their plans, goals and to-do lists using this simple and convenient planner and at the same time finding time for relaxation and private life.

The planner «My Tasks» has a convenient interface which helps you to control both the current day and the whole work week. The main screen of the application is specially designed in the form of workweek (Mon. - Sun.), where it is easy to plan to-do lists and move planned tasks to more proper time.

Progress scale:

When you open the day, a list of tasks, goals with a progress scale for their implementation appears. Progress scale will show how close you are to completing the tasks. It is also will show the most productive days. In a week of using this planner you will define your productiveness and consider how to organize your time more effectively.

Events reminder:

The planner «My tasks" will always remind you of both work and personal events and you will never miss any details from your tasks list. It will help you to be one step ahead. Set the alarm(in application) on more convenient time you need in the range from 5 min. or 3 days before the event and the reminder will send you a notification right on time.

Smart calendar:

In the calendar you will find a separate figure on the date. The figure can be in three different colors: green, yellow and red. This figures show how many tasks are planned on this date and the color shows the progress of fulfillment of this tasks.

«Common tasks» - notes in the notebook

This section will useful for people who need to make notes, write down thoughts, plans, ideas in notebook without day and time reference. If there is a necessity to transfer notes into the main section of application «My Tasks», you can easily do it using the function «Move»

Badge with reminders:

There is a badge (the figure in the upper-conner) on the icon of application which reminds you how many tasks left to do on the current day. This function will keep you informed about your productiveness and remind you if you have time to finish all planned tasks. This badge relives you from necessity to open the application every time to check the undone tasks.


Spent a few minute studying this simple application where you can find everything to organize your schedule ( planner, organizer, calendar, reminder, notebook) you will simplify your life and work.

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Ibrahim Imthi 2022-08-20

Its very easy and convenient
Michele Govender 2022-08-12

It's really good..I would give 5? if the once off cost was lower. Also would like to be able to use it on my laptop. This would make it awesome
Aimi Afeeqah 2022-08-07

Simple and easy
Panda Walker 2022-07-17

This looks promising but the feature of tasks moving themselves to next day is in pro version. Without it, the app doesn't offer much, just like any other to do app. Anyway good work making the apo
Sally Baldwin 2022-07-15

Great simple app. Freezes on occasion. Would like option to select multiple items and move together up and down the day's list
A Google user 2022-07-05

This app has helped to organize my life . It keeps me on track. I especially like completing the tasks when they're done.
Donia Donnell 2022-07-03

Easy to work with.
Right T Oooh4847 2022-06-21

Eliminates tones of reminder papers
Giron Lyrical 2022-06-20

Love the app!!!
Beverly Bluitt-Stone 2022-06-18

I like the app.