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TradingView: Track All Markets

TradingView: Track All Markets


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TradingView: Track All Markets
Simple for beginners and effective for technical analysis experts, TradingView has all of the instruments for publication and the viewing of trading ideas. Real-time quotes and charts are available for wherever you are at whatever time.

At TradingView, all data is obtained by professional providers who have direct and extensive access to stock quotes, futures, popular indices, Forex, Bitcoin and CFDs.

You can effectively track stock market and major global indices such as the NASDAQ Composite, S&P 500 (SPX), NYSE, Dow Jones (DJI), DAX, FTSE 100, NIKKEI 225, etc. You can also learn more about exchange rates, oil prices, mutual funds, bonds, ETFs and other commodities.

TradingView is the most active social network for traders and investors. Connect with millions of traders from around the world, learn from the experiences of other investors and discuss trading ideas.

Advanced Charts
TradingView has excellent charts that surpass even desktop trading platforms in quality.
No compromises. All of the features, settings and tools of our charts will also be available in our app version. Over 10 types of charts for market analysis from different angles. Starting with an elementary chart line and ending with Renko and Kagi charts, which focus heavily on price fluctuations and barely take time into account as a factor. They can be very useful for determining long-term trends and can help you earn money.

Choose from a large selection of price analysis tools, including, but not limited to, indicators, strategies, drawing objects (i.e. Gann, Elliot Wave, moving averages) and more.

Individual watchlists and alerts
You can track major global indices, stocks, currency pairs, bonds, futures, mutual funds, commodities and cryptocurrencies all in real-time.

Alerts will help you not to miss the smallest of changes in the market and will allow you to react in time to invest or sell profitably, increasing your overall profit.

Flexible settings help you to track the indices you need and also group them in a way that is convenient for you.

Syncing your accounts
All saved changes, notifications, charts, and technical analysis, which you began on the TradingView platform will be automatically accessible from your mobile device through the app.

Real-time data from global exchanges
Gain access to data in real-time on more than 100,000 instruments from over 50 exchanges from the United States, Russia, the East, and countries in Asia and Europe, such as: NYSE, LSE, TSE, SSE, HKEx, Euronext, TSX, SZSE, FWB, SIX, ASX, KRX, NASDAQ, JSE, Bolsa de Madrid, TWSE, BM&F/B3, MOEX and many others!

Commodity prices
In real-time, you can track prices for gold, silver, oil, natural gas, cotton, sugar, wheat, corn, and many other products.

Global indices
Track major indices of the world stock market in real-time:
■ North and South America: Dow Jones, S&P 500, NYSE, NASDAQ Composite, SmallCap 2000, NASDAQ 100, Merval, Bovespa, RUSSELL 2000, IPC, IPSA;
■ Europe: CAC 40, FTSE MIB, IBEX 35, ATX, BEL 20, DAX, BSE Sofia, PX, РТС, ММВБ (MOEX);
■ Africa: Kenya NSE 20, Semdex, Moroccan All Shares, South Africa 40; and
■ Middle East: EGX 30, Amman SE General, Kuwait Main, TA 25.

Get the opportunity to compare prices from leading cryptocurrency exchanges.
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Prathap Lancer 2022-07-16

Did not load the charts properly. Edit: I clicked on the instrument I was trading and trading view didn't load the charts at all. It was just a blank white screen. I had to close the app a few times and open it for it to load properly. My internet connection was also good.
TradingView Inc. 2022-07-16
Thanks for the feedback! We are happy to help and solve every problem that you have with the app if you provide a detailed description.
Prasad Desai 2022-07-15

I really did liked your app until recent version, it's very difficult to switch time like 5, 15 1hr 1day it's really messy please either make old version available or do this changes in new one, i absolutely loved the charts on this platform but really this android version is now what I liked, thank you!
TradingView Inc. 2022-07-16
We regret that you disliked the new chart version. We're sure that if you try to get used to it for a while it will appear to be much handier. Nevertheless, we keep working to improve our app and any feedback is highly appreciated. Thanks a lot for your review!
SV 2022-07-15

The app is just mind-blowing . I thank the developer team for extremely useful features like switching between watchlisted stocks and intervals on charts, faster and simple UI , easy accessibility and lot more.
TradingView Inc. 2022-06-01
We're glad you like it! Thank you so much for sending us your review!
Erioluwa Adepitan 2022-07-15

Ever since the latest upgrade, all I've experienced are very annoying glitches. It takes forever for charts to load fully and even when it does, it's not fully functional. I have to click multiple times on a feature to get it active. Please fix these glitches.
TradingView Inc. 2022-07-16
We would like to know more about your problem. Please contact our Support team from your chart: open "More" menu and find a "Help Center" button at the bottom. Choose the category "Mobile apps". We kindly ask you to start your ticket as "The problem is redirected from Google Play". Thank you!
Chandan Kumar Mehto 2022-07-15

Dear Team, I don't know why pointer in chart is not moving according to the touch. It move here and there but not in proper position where i want to get it down. Also work on some smoothness while dragging line/pointer.
TradingView Inc. 2022-07-16
Thank you for getting in touch! Please check whether the magnet mode is turned on, please open the "Drawings" mode and scroll the upper instrument bar, you'll be able to find a "Magnet" button here. If the issue still remains - please contact us. Best regards!
Muhammad Naufal 2022-07-15

The latest update is absolutely terrible. So confusing, much more difficult to use. Previous versions was better, the tools display were pretty straightforward. The latest update without a doubt is a downgrade, completely ruin the experience . Big chunky mistake!! Please bring back the previous version.
TradingView Inc. 2022-07-16
We regret that you didn't like the new chart version. We're sure that if you try to get used to it for a while you'll take a favorable view of its advantages. Nevertheless, we keep working on the application improvement and are open to any feedback. Thanks a lot for your review!
M 2022-07-15

Still no native app, this stipped-down webapp is difficult to use on touch devices. Still no alerts management on mobile. Great experience on desktop, poor experience on mobile. While they are promising an improvement, no visible change in years. 5* for desktop, 3* for mobile. Better than nothing but I don't like using it on mobile. UPDATE: One point down for unnecessary icon redesign. UPDATE2: Two stars back as mobile isability improved a lot and altert manager is implemented now. Thanks!
TradingView Inc. 2021-07-30
Hello there. We’ve recently revitalized our brand, so we’re retiring our little cloud logo. I know it’s sad – we’ll miss it too – but we’ve moved to bigger, brighter and more exciting ventures now. But as ever, please feel free to give us your feedback. Every bit is helpful to us.
Narsimha Reddy Rapaka 2022-07-15

I'm getting an error "Update failure" for the past couple of days since updating it on my android device (redmi10). The watchlist entrys are not getting updated even though the internet connection is working.
TradingView Inc. 2022-07-16
Thanks for the feedback! We would like to know more about this issue, please contact our Support team. Please, open your "Menu" tab and find a Help center button. We kindly ask you to start your ticket as "The issue is redirected from Google Play" and choose the category "Mobile apps".
Onkarabetse Stuurman 2022-07-14

I'm not getting any notifications(arlets) I'm on a subscription I'm thinking of even canceling it cause wow. Just not giving what it supposed to give. Now a new norm is having to wait for like 2 minutes to open a chart. The loading time Is just too much. Missing entries due to this new update ??
TradingView Inc. 2022-07-15
Thank you for your feedback! Could you please specify, have you already contacted our Support team? Did you receive any response? Thank you in advance!
Kjetil Trøan 2022-07-13

Long time premium user. Latest updates have made the app slow and bugged. Waiting a lot to refresh quotes and chart display. Web version works fine. Not to mention the new layout, I've never encountered such a suicide to a working app. I might switch to tc2000.
TradingView Inc. 2022-07-15
We would like to know more about your problem. Please contact our Support team from your chart: open "More" menu and find a "Help Center" button at the bottom. Choose the category "Mobile apps". We kindly ask you to start your ticket as "The problem is redirected from Google Play". Thank you!