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Todoist: To-Do List & Tasks

Todoist: To-Do List & Tasks


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Todoist: To-Do List & Tasks
? 2020 Editor's Choice by Google
? "Todoist is the best to-do list app right now" - The Verge

Todoist is used by 20 million people to organize, plan and collaborate on projects, both big and small.

Use Todoist to:
• Capture and organize tasks the moment they pop into your head.
• Remember deadlines with reminders and due dates.
• Build lasting habits with recurring due dates like "every Monday".
• Organize your projects in kanban style with Boards.
• Collaborate on projects by assigning tasks to others.
• Prioritize your tasks with priority levels.
• Track your progress with personalized productivity trends.
• Integrate your tools like Gmail, Google Calendar, Slack, Amazon Alexa and more.

Available on any device, Todoist will quickly become your hub for getting work and life organized.

Why you’ll love it on Android:
• Stay organized from your phone, tablet and Wear OS watch.
• Drag the Plus Button anywhere to insert a new task.
• Simply type details like "tomorrow at 4pm" and Todoist will recognize it all for you.
• All the power from Android: lock screen widget, Quick Add tile, Assistant, and notifications.

Happy organizing!

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Questions? Feedback? Visit get.todoist.help or reach out on Twitter @todoist.

*About Pro plan billing*:
If you upgrade to the Pro plan, payment will be charged to your Google Play account, and your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period. You can choose to be billed monthly or yearly. You can turn off auto-renew in your Google Play settings any time after purchase.
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Ricardo Itzep 2022-10-12

Pleasant app to use! The application is very simple and I find it very intuitive. It is quick and easy to create new tasks. Adding time and dates to task is streamlined by using the "auto-detecting due date feature" within the app. I am pretty new to using "to-do"/organization apps, and I find this application as great starter and/or a great addition to tools you already use!
Jenny Southern 2022-10-12

Irritating. Can't say more than one word for your list, goats cheese comes up as goats. No more than 3 items per list on the "board" I deleted my tasks before adding sub items by tapping them. Monday board is easier to use than this, with videos to show you how to do it on youtube.
Meredith Kent 2022-10-11

I wanted to like it, but when you download it starts populating BS "tasks" for you. Presumably this is meant to be a tutorial, but there is no obvious way turn it off. You have to delete the routines and tasks. I downloaded this to make lists, not to spend time deleting autogenerated garbage from my notifications.
Bobby Hutter 2022-10-09

This app came highly recommended from software dev friends. It boasts a remarkably intuitive user interface, stays in sync between desktop & mobile, and i've yet to hit any paywall bs; just simply the best to-do list application i've ever used.
Dessye Dee Clark 2022-10-07

designing filters very helpful for sorting and prioritizing while keeping BIG picture. great to have info across platforms. easy to add items on the goal. Well written help guides and usful tutorials on YouTube.
celebrinthal 2022-10-07

Great app, intuitive interface. You can really make it work according to your needs. I love the easy recurrence setting. A small glitch that I've been getting recently is that if I've completed one or two tasks in a day, I get a popup congratulating me on completing 3. Above 3 it counts correctly. This is with productivity turned off (goals set to 0).
The Fool 2022-10-05

Genuinely out of this world. This app goes above and beyond in creating a seamless organising system that really allows you to get your mind off and scribble as many thoughts as possible and then organise them. And it tracks it perfectly. It syncs with the PC version excellently and rewards you for every task done making you feel the progress and it gives you many metrics to further illustrate how much you've done in a short period of time. One of the best out there ?
Ken Ume 2022-10-03

Nice look and feel but integrations are random and hopeless. Syncing with Google calendar either doesn't work at all or creates endless duplicates. Which have to be deleted individually. The lack of integrated time recording is annoying. There are other alternatives with fewer issues. After a couple of pandemic years perseverance, I've moved on
Brian :D 2022-09-26

I've been putting off updating for over a year due to well-known, unfixed bugs. I was finally forced to update the other day. The only differences are a less usable UI and a ton of removed features. Oh, and syncing between devices is completely broken, even between two web sessions.
brandon gatto 2022-09-24

It's a fine task manager app, a little bit hard to get at first with the weird natural language based task creation, but if you're willing to put in the effort it's pretty intuitive. The one big deal breaker for me is that if you have a daily recurring task it becomes overdue at midnight. If you tap it complete after midnight, it completes it for the next day which ends up with you missing a day unless you remember to do it on your own or manually set the next recurrence to today.