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TickTick:To-do list & Tasks
?Great to-do list app for new Android device - The Verge
?The best to-do app for Android - MakeUseOf
?The best to-do list app for 2020 - Wirecutter (A New York Times Company)
?MKBHD's favorite productivity tool

TickTick is a simple and effective to-do list and task manager app which helps you make schedule, manage time, stay focused, remind about deadlines and organize life at home, work and everywhere else.? ? ✔

TickTick helps you make the most of your day and get things done (GTD). Whether there is an idea you want to capture, personal goals to achieve, work to accomplish, habits to track, projects to collaborate with colleagues, or even a shopping list to share with family (with the help of a list maker). Achieve your goals with our productivity planner.

?Easy to use
TickTick is easy to get started with its intuitive design and personalized features. Add tasks and reminders in mere seconds, and then focus on things that really matter.

☁️Sync across Web, Android, iOS, Mac & PC
You can view and manage them wherever you are to achieve your goals more efficiently.

?️Create tasks and notes faster
Add them by typing or voice input. With Smart Date Parsing, the date info you enter will be automatically set as due date for task reminder with alarm. Stay as productive as you can with this time manager and to-do checklist!

⏰Instant task to-do list reminder
Instead of keeping all things in mind, put them into TickTick. It will remember everything for you and provide instant task to-do list reminder, for you to gtd. Set multiple notifications for important tasks and notes to never miss any deadline!

? Sleek calendar
Get a clear overview of your schedule, weeks or months ahead in to-do calendar - Day Planner for free. Third-party calendars can also be integrated, such as Google calendar, Outlook, etc.

?Handy Widget
Get easy access to your tasks and notes by adding a checklist widget to your home screen. There are various types of widgets - pick the one you like most.

?Flexible recurring tasks
Set tasks to repeat for those that need to be done regularly. Choose a repeating period (daily, weekly, weekdays, or monthly etc.). You can customize the recurrence, such as “every 2 weeks from Monday to Thursday”, or “project meeting every 2 months on the first Monday”.

?Seamless collaboration
Share lists, assign goals to collaborate with family, friends or colleagues. Spend fewer hours in meetings, phone calls or emails. Improve efficiency in a collaborative environment.

?Built-in Pomo Timer
The Pomodoro Timer can help log your distractions and stay more focused while at work. Try playing a white noise, it helps!

?Habit Tracker
Enable Habit in the Tab Bar and start building some good habits - meditation, exercise, or reading etc. Setting a goal to help track your habits and life in a more precise and scientific way.

How TickTick makes you more productive?
- Keep it all organized and know what to do next in to-do list
- Classify your tasks and to-dos with list maker, folders and tags
- Make checklists and notes
- Improve your concentration skill with built-in Timer & Stopwatch
- Sort goals by date, priority, and title
- Attach photos, records and other attachments
- Build good habits with goals to live a healthier and more energetic life

What to enjoy more at TickTick Premium?
- Choose from a variety of beautiful themes
- View business calendar in grid format (better than in other time management apps)
- Take ultimate control of 299 lists, 999 tasks per list, and 199 subtasks per task
- Add up to 5 reminders to each task
- Share a task list planner with up to 29 members
- Use the checklist format and type a description in the same task
- Subscribe to third-party calendars and day planners in TickTick

Learn more about at: ticktick.com

Connect with us at
Twitter: @TickTickTeam
Facebook & Instagram: @TickTickApp
Reddit: r/ticktick
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Shridhar Gupta (Relaxing Music) 2022-10-14

I generally do not write any review for any thing but this app became best app so far to me so I thought writing a review for it. I found this app best suited for me to handle my daily/weekly tasks and manage them timely. - Don't even show any advertisement. - It's home screen widget is best of all. - We get feature to set date/time with alert. - It also have a feature to use pomodoro technique to manage focus and break time. Overall I'm loving this app ??
Richard J Naylor 2022-10-14

A couple months in, the best for me. It has developed a good feature set on a modern platform. Still finding helpful features. Postscript: i left it to try ClickUp but came back.
Jason K 2022-10-13

Long time user's issue/annoyance list: -Back button is still broken! It closes app instead of returning to previous active app -The overscroll pull to refresh effect is extremely distracting -The useless "completed first task of the day!" notices are distracting -Performance is horrible when there are a large number of tasks -Reordering items is buggy and randomly jumps to different locations than intended -Web ui is also extremely slow and bloated. Please optimize before adding more features.
Aric C. B. 2022-10-13

It's doing things right. The ability to plan out your day in time blocks alongside all of my calendar events is amazing. The reminders are actually useful too, and hard to miss, while at the same time giving amazing flexibility as to how long you snooze it for when needed.
Ungatla Sai Kiran 2022-10-12

Best app for productivity.. that's it..you can't for any app functionality better than it..gets you removed 3,4 apps on your phone..if they work a little bit on UI like sunsama i would like yo pay even better than the current price. They should introduce a 3 tier premium price is what i wish for.
Elaine Kuhlmann 2022-10-12

Very easy to use, and the web version is a big plus. TickTick definitely helped me boost my productivity and keep track of things.
Jasmine Ognjan 2022-10-11

Needs far more consideration into overall UI. I found this app confusing and I couldn't find any solid structure to the app setup itself -- sort of counterintuitive to an app designed to assist in organization and management.
Anu Anand Premji 2022-10-11

The best task organizer I've come across. And I've tried them all. This checks 90% of all the boxes ?. Highly recommended. Edit: It's 2022 and the app has only since improved, if anything.
Jirou 2022-10-11

By far the best to-do list and tasks app couple with notes that you can insert images. I've been looking for an app with both task and notes and this one has never failed to give me a smile. UI can still improve but overall, I'm quite satisfied with the app. Edit: Changed my mind. Notifications does not work. Sad to say
Joseph Hindy 2022-10-07

After Microsoft announced the end of Wunderlist, I started using this app because of its similar UI and organizational capabilities. Been using it ever since with my wife. Works for everything we need it to work for. My only gripe is lack of Wear OS support, especially since Apple Watch has support. Fix it, ticktick, and I promise I'll add that 5th star.