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Pictogram Agenda


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Pictogram Agenda
The pictogram agenda is an application for Tablets and Mobile phones can be used to:

* Create agendas with pictograms and / or with text to define the activities to be carried out during each day. This is very useful for structuring routines.
* Anticipation of activities, so necessary in some people ASD.
* Communication system between the school and the home of the activities carried out by the child during the day.
* Learn the temporality of a day, since the agendas are divided into activities during the morning, afternoon and night.
* Learn some reading, especially association of words with images. The app allows you to start with pictograms that have both the written word and a representative image and over time, depending on the child's learning in reading, you can leave only the text so that the child has to read it. The app allows you to put the text in both uppercase and lowercase letters and thus follow the order in which letters are usually learned
* It can also be used as a communication system using pictograms.
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