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Stuff - To Do List Widget (Tasks & Notes)

Stuff - To Do List Widget (Tasks & Notes)


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Stuff - To Do List Widget (Tasks & Notes)
Stuff is a convenient, minimalistic, and ad-free todo widget that works straight from the homescreen. Add tasks to your to do list in just one click.


• Clean & minimalist design so you can focus on your tasks

• Adding, editing, and organizing tasks is just one click away

• Lightweight & power efficient - Does not run in the background, minimal on system resources

• Highly customizable widget - Change the transparency, colors, fonts, and more to match your home screen (Requires an optional in-app purchase to unlock)

• Ad-free and privacy focused - Free to use without ads, and respects your privacy. No analytics are collected, and no internet permission is requested, meaning your data never leaves your device


Q: Why doesn't the widget respond when I tap on it?

A: If you are using a Xiaomi device, MIUI is blocking some permissions for the widget to work correctly. Please go into Settings -> Stuff -> Other Permissions, then enable "Display popup windows" for the widget to work correctly.

For non Xiaomi devices, the home screen launcher app you are using may not support widgets correctly, please try installing another launcher app instead.
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Dehao 2022-08-20

I really love it. It's simple and straightforward with no ads, no constant offer to buy something or reminder to review it. Adding a task to a category just requires a click and you can add more categories, or delete the premade one's. The design is pretty simplistic, and you can very well use it without the pro version. It just adds more customizable features, that are pretty nice as well.
Marshall Underwood 2022-08-20

This makes it super easy too note down and categorize a task for later, then mark them off as you complete them. Two feature requests that would make this perfect in my opinion: Make the checkbox hotspot on the widget slightly bigger so that it's easier to mark off a task without accidentally bringing up the edit pop up, and allow reoccurring tasks so that I can have a weekly or monthly section that I can mark off without losing contents as one-off completed tasks are auto removed.
Mickey Nott 2022-08-08

simple, and surprisingly has features I've never seen in a to-do list. it basically mimics the function of the endless to do lists that are scrawled across my desk, but automates the process of actually putting future things in front of me and deleting old tasks. I hope that these features prevent me from ignoring my to do lists
Active 2022-07-29

Great idea and organization. There are a few minor SW issues that can almost always be fixed by re-starting the device, or re-installing the application. Overall, the app meets or exceeds my expectations.
X 2022-07-23

This is a task keeping widget that requires your consistent use to get any real value out of it. I think this is an excellent widget for jotting down your tasks for "Today" and "Tomorrow". If you wish to schedule out further, than you should get comfortable with the "Upcoming" section being a holding place for you to sort your tasks into "Tomorrow" and "Today" while the "Someday" section seems better for general ideas and broader desires to be sorted when they become more practical.
Amanda Nelson 2022-07-18

This widget is perfect for someone like me that needs a to-do list directly on her homepage without needing to open an app. It's very intuitive, and lightweight which makes it a must have for list lovers.
Maria Maria 2022-07-14

It's a cute and simple widget and works pretty good. I just hope that I can have the option to make another widget for a different category. Like one widget showing only the 'Today' category and adding another that only shows 'Tomorrow' category. Coz I don't want to have to scroll to get to another category. Hope the devs can consider this!
John kelada 2022-07-07

Good idea but needs much more interactive interface and better control. Customisations are paid and there's no much of it to begin with. The design of the list itself also needs a lot of work.
Sarvesh Khandagale 2022-07-06

The app works smooth and has all the important features that one needs for a non complex to do list . I just would like to request the developer go add the square check boxes rather than the dots as the app opens up when the intention is to just check/tap the task for completion
Nathan Sprezak 2022-06-27

This app is perfect and exactly what I need. I can't find anything other like it elsewhere. The only room for improvement I can see would be the ability to collapse categories to make it even organized. Then I would rate it 6/5