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To Do List

To Do List


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To Do List
What is SplenDO?
SplenDO is smart task list for everyday use.
It is truly usable with great user experience.
No matter who you are and what you do - you will be better organized!
At home, at work and in your free time - you will focus on really important things!
SplenDO is powerful in its simplicity and convenience of use.

Key Features
• User friendly task management
• Grouping tasks in handy task lists
• Smart home screen widgets show instantly what to do
• Intelligent notifications exactly when you need them
• Syncing with Google that just works

More Details
• Adding tasks via voice
• Notifications use sounds, vibrations and built-in speech synthesizer (TTS)
• Icon widget - icon with optional today's and overdue tasks counter
• List Widget - resizable widget displays upcoming tasks
• Status bar - component (in the notifications area) keeping you up to date
• Quick Task Bar - to add something hot quickly
• Support for recurring tasks
• Time for shopping? Need to add many tasks at one go? Great, batch mode is on-board!
• Support for tasks without a due date, all-day-long tasks and tasks at a specific hour of the day
• Bidirectional synchronization with Google Tasks
• Many useful configuration options
• Predefined task lists
• Actions on group of tasks (bulk actions, long-click selection support)
• Integration with sharing on Android - sharing tasks with other apps and receiving shared data
• Creating tasks from the content of system clipboard
• SplenDO is free to download and use
• Splend Apps support and more!

About Us
• Visit SplendApps.com: http://splendapps.com/
• Our Privacy Policy: http://splendapps.com/privacy-policy
• Contact Us: http://splendapps.com/contact-us

Follow Us
• Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SplendApps/
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• Twitter: https://twitter.com/SplendApps
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Mark G 2022-07-16

I just did a quick trial. Seemed very nice for a very basic to-do list. But it doesn't support subtasks, so it's useless for any serious planning.
Darshan Pujara 2022-07-15

This is the productivity app! I understand for free version you show the advertisement. Just imagine the situation, I am using the app in office and suddenly video start playing as advertisement with loud noise.. It's so embarrassing. Advertisement can be silent also.
Ben Shaw 2022-07-14

Nice, simple app. Would happily pay for the ad free version but nearly £4 is a bit much for what it is.
Tanush Kumar 2022-07-14

Great app highly recommend. It would be great if todo list developers remove ads from the app.... Overall great experience...
amauriaworld 2022-07-13

Omg this app is perfect it has everything you need even a wishlist. ?I love this app it has a to do list wisht list personal things list and a work list. I highly recommend.
Tabi tha 2022-07-13

Very easy to use functional app. One thing I would change is for my daily tasks, if I miss a day, the previous day sits in "overdue" and so doesn't pop up in my daily notifications of things to do. If it's daily and I've missed a day, then it should have the option to just delete it.
Gozy Leonardo 2022-07-12

Very good app. Please put a feature where one can choose a task and give it multiple reminders
Jeremy R 2022-07-12

Love it. Simple. Beautiful. Reliable. Perfect. So glad I found this app. I just wish it wouldn't go into edit tapping on a to do item when I just want to clear it for the month.
Diem Cham Hoc 2022-07-12

The app is simple yet so effective. There's even a notification for the task with a fixed time that I've set. This feature is extremely useful for me as I can get reminded by looking at the notification every morning. Keep up the good work!
Jacob Janolis 2022-07-12

Extremely easy to use. Syncs to your calendar gives you notifications and lets you use a widget that shows you your to-do list for the next couple of days. Couple of customization options not too many but enough for the type of app it is. Great if you're like me and need reminders for pretty much everything lol.