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Employee Time Clock - SINC

Employee Time Clock - SINC


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Employee Time Clock - SINC
With SINC Time Clock, business owners can easily track employee timesheets against jobs and see where staff are located at any given point throughout the workday from both our mobile app and web console.

Over 4 million shifts recorded to date from the 5000+ businesses who rely on our field-proven solution to save them time, money, and improve accountability.

An Employee Time Clock That Staff Love, Backed By Location Data

Simply invite employees to join your SINC organization who then use their own device to log their hours and communicate with the team. There is minimal set-up and learning required and if you need help, our friendly team are available 24/7 to help you right inside the app.

The basic plan allows for accurate location backed time tracking, easy editing of incorrect staff timesheets and detailed payroll report exports for a limited number of employees while our paid subscriptions get you more staff and extra superpowers such as:
• Being able to see what hours were spent on what jobs
• Seeing how many hours were spent on tasks inside of each job
• Pulling up a live map of where everyone is while clocked in
• Creating staff schedules and syncing changes in real-time to staff devices
• Getting sent an auto-generated daily report on what happened each day
• Setting to-do lists for each job for employees to work through
• Communicating with your team with our built-in messenger tool
• Automatically calculating any overtime based on your own company rules
• Putting in place geofences around jobs to clock in staff automatically

Try SINC Out In Your Business Without Risk
Every plan comes with a 30-day trial. We do not ask for a credit card until the end of the trial and if you decide to continue to use SINC in your business, plans are billed monthly and can be cancelled at any time with no long contracts or commitments.

We Want To Help You Work Smarter, Not Harder
Our mission is to empower everyday businesses with an easy to use, fair and transparent tool that staff and managers love. We want to take care of the day to day busy work while providing valuable insights to help you grow your company.

Our help centre can be found here http://help.sinc.business/en/
The team can be reached from the support tab in the app or by emailing support@sinc.business
The web version of SINC can be found at https://users.sinc.business/
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Kelley Works 2022-07-06

Good app! Able to edit time, can track employee locations during shift. I highly recommend.
james baker 2022-05-25

Not impressed! Very hard to navigate. Ask for more money every time you want to use a feature. Paid for basic but feel ripped off. Save your money for another app.
Jesse Langford 2022-04-26

used to work great, still paying for it but it needs an update there's a bug on tracking hours for weekly or bi-weekly it adds up the incorrect total time so I have to go through the hours and add it up myself each clock in which takes time.. it would add the previous clock in and leave out the latest clock in
Brian Taylor 2022-03-29

They have put most options behind a subscription, I loved this app when it first came out but now it continually forces to get a subscription. While I understand needing to make money I would rather endure ads than pay monthly for yet another thing I can't afford. On to the next app unfortunately, but if you can afford to pay it looks to be a good app and from what I used it was nice.
Shawna Allan 2022-03-25

simple, easy and affordable. use it with my shop so I can track billable repair hours and my techs can write what they did to the units in the notes so I can write the 'story' for the customer in a breeze. needs minor updates, but ee have found work arounds.
Sandra Bordsen 2022-02-23

absolutely love this app!! It has made our lives a much easier running a small trucking company can be challenging at times and this app has made part of it so easy!
Waseem Mohamad 2022-02-16

Its a great app with great value for money that i pay. Sceduling and pay calculations for employees based on their hours are the best thing. Previously everything was on paper but with SINC we don't need to waste paper anymore. Green environment ?, happier life!
Tabethia Brown-Clay 2022-01-04

Redo my review. The company has satisfied my cancelation. I did like the Sinc app but I kept my own time for different types of craft projects I was completing for customers. Great for a regular business with multiple employees. It's just me for now.
Tabethia Brown-Clay 2021-12-31

Won't cancel my subscription. I have request this account to be canceled via Google and the company and they keep taking the funds out of my account. I haven't used this app since 2020 and ever month they debit my account. I contacted the company and was told the account can only be canceled via Google but a whole year later they are still taking my money. 3 will do a review every week from now until I get my funds back or my lawyer tells me to stop. Thank you
Alex Ottinger 2021-11-17

Works well for our landscaping company. App is simple and quick. Capability to choose job site as well is useful.