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Do! - Simple To Do List, Widget & Reminder

Do! - Simple To Do List, Widget & Reminder


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Do! - Simple To Do List, Widget & Reminder
• The simplest to do list, planner & reminder app for managing daily tasks, to-do lists, notes, checklists, grocery lists, and more.
• 'Do!', 6M downloads on iOS App Store, now on Google Play.

# Be Succesful life with organize/manage daily tasks
• It’s so simple! To-Do List without learning.
• Make personalized lists/memos with various fonts and colors.
• Complete task with a double tap(thrilling)!
• Now don't put off till tomorrow what you're going to do today.

# Features
• Various themes, fonts, and alignment features
• Vivid sound! (pen&paper)
• Password lock (initial pass : 0000)
• Data backup & restore (Dropbox, e-mail)
• Supports vertical mode, dark mode
• Sync various devices
• Notifications, widgets, top fixation

# Support External Keyboard
• New Task (Control(Ctrl) key + 'N')
• New Line (Option(Alt) key + 'Enter')

# Remove AD
• Purchase in app purchase ‘Remove Ad’, AD will be removed. (The difference between 'Do!' and 'Do! Premium' is advertising.)

# Support : do@simplerion.com
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Karl Borden 2022-08-17

Finally!! I have looked and looked for a ToDo list app that doesn't try to link to and invade my calendar, email, contacts, texts, photos, notifications and every other database I have. I just want a simple, easy to use list function with some internal sorting features. This is it. PLEASE don't ruin it by forcing your way into every other app I have! Have been using the ad supported version (and the ads are not intrusive) but am about to pay for the ad-free version.
Valerin Veny 2022-08-02

Good app! The only thing that is missing here is the "record tracker". PLEASE ADD THIS and it'll be perfect. Thank you.
Ethan Bernstein 2022-08-01

Can't Even add a to do list
Shaistah Ansari 2022-07-29

all through it's okey but the colour tag is bad and recurring tasks is also bat they both don't work properly! Also when notification appears in banner it's totally blank there no content about what is the notification
Dawn Koch 2022-07-24

easy, simple, not complicated. Best list app.
Ainya Anabell 2022-07-14

Themes are so sweet and the settings are very simple to handle. All the things are free except adds but adds are also no disturb at all its in down screen only. I'm recommend this app to everyone. Nice and amazing app.?? Even the icon is also amazing and also can have a lock. I love this app❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Sailor Moon Banana 2022-07-12

It's useful and it even lets you cross out tasks you've completed! That's all I need in life.
Elizabeth Watson 2022-07-07

I really want to give 5 stars. I like this app a lot! But like all the other reviews say the widget is broken. Because of that I've started using another app. PLEASE fix the widget!!!
Sanjiv Thakkar 2022-06-26

i amnot able to save task i have purchased aupport pay by googel pay kindlly help me out
Nanda rajeev 2022-06-16

Simple app