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SC Mobile Hong Kong
The SC Mobile offers an intuitive interface with extensive range of functionalities that will take care your banking needs. It allows you to enjoy a much simpler, faster and more secure way to bank and invest from home!

Banking on your mobile just got easier and more secure

• Make a transfer or payment in real-time!
SC Pay (FPS) offers real-time fund transfer with only a mobile number or email address
• Cash withdrawal without the need of ATM card
Scan the QR code using the QR Cash feature to get cash fast and securely
• All wealth management services in one place
Manage your portfolio including stock purchase, FX conversion, funds selection, insurance application, time deposit account opening, and market alerts notification
• Want to open an account but don’t want to visit the branch?
Open an account instantly through our mobile app
• Bank with us safely
Our SC Mobile Key is a mobile security token that allows you to authenticate your online banking login and transactions securely without the need to wait for One-Time Password (OTP) via SMS

Have a question? Ask our 24/7 assistant Stacy!
Chatbot available pre and post login to answer your questions and assist your banking needs

Download SC Mobile today and make the most out of your precious time!
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

tszyung yau 2022-09-24

The apps changes the layout and I can't access my bank accounts
Mudita Janet Yoga 2022-09-21

Easy and quick platform and tools for transaction online
K. Ki Yip 2022-09-19

there are so many permissions required ?‍♂️
Paula Yeung 2022-09-15

Very efficient and user friendly
J H 2022-09-07

I was required to update the app, but I tried for many times and still cannot update. Cannot use the app for more than 1 week because of this. And also cannot use online banking.
Yuling Dai 2022-09-03

Very hard to upgrate.
Dennis Leung 2022-09-01

Yes I know the Stacey bubble is movable, and that's what makes it annoying. By default it's over the enter/backspace on the input pad. Why not have it somewhere else by default? Or make it a permanent menu item? Lazy developer. Just remove that annoying bubble it is very very obstructive. I make a transfer, oh hey where is the enter button? Stacey is on top of it! I made a typo, where is the backspace? Stacey is on top of it! Stacey is one of the most useless features of this awful app.
Carding Asado 2022-08-31

essential app to have great job scb
Joon H. Lee 2022-08-29

easy to use
david ng 2022-08-26

can't log in ,green light keep turning