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Group Sharing


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Group Sharing
Group Sharing app is installed on Samsung Galaxy devices as a basic app. It is an application that allows you to share a variety of content with your family and friends on Samsung’s basic apps such as Gallery, Samsung Note, Calendar, and Reminder by using the share groups of Samsung accounts.
You can also share profile photos with your friends on the Contacts app.

Group Sharing app provides a variety of features to share content, and is constantly improving its usability through continuous updates.

[Main features of Group Sharing]
• Create and manage share groups from the Samsung account’s Group Sharing menu
• Shared albums on the Gallery app
• Shared calendars on the Calendar app
• Shared notes on the Samsung Note app
• Shared reminders on the Reminder app
• Share profile photos on the Contacts App
• Share Auto Hospots with family

* If the Group Sharing app is not updated or deactivated, some features of Samsung apps may not operate properly.

** Information on access permissions
Access permission as follows is required to offer the service.
In the case of optional access permissions, basic features of the service can be used even if they are not granted.

[Required access permission]
• SMS: Used for sending an authentication text message at the sign-up stage and automatic entry of the authentication number
• Telephone: Used for checking the device that the user is logged into
• Address book: Used for updating profiles of friends in saved Contacts or selecting a recipient list
• Calendar: Read the Calendar schedule and details
• Storage: Used for transferring or saving photos, videos, or files to a device

[Optional Access Permissions]
• Camera: Used for taking photos for the share group cover photo

If your device's OS version is lower than Android 6.0, you cannot choose whether to allow access permissions or not. Please check if your OS can be updated, then update to Android 6.0 or above.
After updating the OS, previously allowed access permissions can be reset through the device’s Settings > Apps menu.

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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Alan Wentz 2022-08-03

Group sharing app was active for 3 1/2 hours in the background without my authorization, searched for app and it seems to have removed itself from my samsung apps list and is now hidden on my device. Sent an email to the developer and am awaiting a response... Grrrrrrr REMOVE THIS APP --UPDATE-- discovered that this app hides itself under system apps, once I found it I installed a fire wall and blocked internet activity on wifi and mobile ... no more issues, is just taking up space now
Toushasalyer Salyer 2022-07-31

I do not want this app. I never installed it it just appeared and now it's stuck on pending and won't let me download/update anything else. When I cancel download it freezes the whole play store up to have to close it but still doesn't cancel the download.
Julz Kandy 2022-07-25

1 of the most dumbest apps thats forced on our phones. They say it's a basic app but it's not even a core app! I dont want it & by the looks at other people's reviews- they dont want it either. I have no use for this app what so ever! There's heaps of other ways that we can group share, we're not retarded. WHY are we forced to have such useless apps like this one, taking up all our phones memory & wasting our money on constant data updates. I can't uninstall it but I'm finding out ways how to
Elayne A Casados Lucero 2022-07-18

I started getting these apps on my phone the topper is when I try to access them. It tells me its not mine at all. I can't help from Samsung or AT&T because they don't believe it's my phone. These apps opened a portal to others to come in and take control of my phone. But also my new computer...
DC M 2022-07-09

Unsolicited, problematic and annoying Samsung bloatware...another useless app forced onto my device just like they force the Facebook & Netflix apps (to name but a few) by the increasingly invasive idiots at Samsung, who assume I need or want these garbage services without even asking first! I used to really like Samsung, but not anymore. I paid for my devices outrigh & upfront (not on some dodgy plan subsidised by ads & gutter marketing), it should be my choice as to what apps I need or want!
Catherine Shugdinis 2022-06-23

I like all of the other Samsung owners are fed up with all these installed apps that are ruining our phones. Since the last 2 updates my phone doesn't properly work. And like all the other comments I too am considering switching to an iPhone. I have been a life long fan of Samsung but an totally over their disregard for their customers
L Marcks 2022-06-18

The description states "If the Group Sharing app is not updated or deactivated, some features of Samsung apps may not operate properly". Yet the last time they had an update for this app was a year ago!. There is no option or possibility to de-activate let alone remove it!! If I'm forced to have a "system app" that is no longer updated or cared about there is ZERO REASON it shouldn't be able to be removed/deleted! It no longer can even be disabled!
Chasity Pleasant 2022-05-31

I'm not interested in having this app on my phone. I have no intentions of "group sharing" anything. Please allow us to uninstall this. For the people who are tired of getting notifications from this app, go to the app in settings (Group share) click the toggle in the right hand corner and click "Uninstall recent updates." That should take care of the annoying update notifications
MeRu Fjorgyn 2022-05-31

ZERO STARS, only one as google won't let me post on the truth ZERO. I am forced to have this app, I don't want it, I cannot turn off notifications, cannot remove permissions and the sod gets through 'do not disturb' on my phone, and there is no way to stop it or remove it. I don't want it, did not install it and its forced notifications are really annoying and intrusive, every bloody time I turn on the phone (I only use it periodically so often have to turn on). I hate this app.
Elaine Green Davis 2022-05-30

When I go into my list of installed apps, this app is listed. When I go to the app it does not show an Installed button, nor an Uninstall or even an Open or Update button. So of course, like all of the other pre-installed Samsung bloatware, this is one more that I don't want, but can do nothing about. One day when Samsung has run off all its customers they might start listening. But probably not, their will always be new customers to make angry.