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Learn Crafts and DIY Arts

Learn Crafts and DIY Arts


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Learn Crafts and DIY Arts
Celebrate this Christmas and New year with your family by doing some simple diy crafts to decorate your house. We have plenty of festive crafts for a Christmas tree decorations that costs under a dollar. So celebrate this holiday season by doing super cool crafts decorations with your loved ones.

Are you looking for an art app to learn to craft all your own? We have the perfect collection of craft ideas to do unique hand made projects.

Get hands-on with our latest craft ideas like hand made Slime, house decorations, fashion ideas, and so on. Here you can find the most super-cool collection of papercraft for beginners, the best tips to learn trades, and DIY art ideas.

When it comes to handmade projects, there is so much skill involved rather than what meets the eye. It could be a pastime activity or a profession, and the beauty lies with the fact that you can change ordinary things into amazing artworks. We have ideas for all types of handmade projects, from tips to reuse old plastic bottles, clothes, or paper to skillful home decoration. craft hand made app helps you make toys for your kids preschool projects.

Holidays are a great time to indulge in artworks. Surprise your friends with amazing gifts and decoration ornaments made by you. Let it be hand made Halloween craft such as pumpkin mason jar, home grown winter snowflakes, handprint and footprint projects for Christmas.

Much of our arts projects cost less than a Dollar and make use of waste materials.
1. We have a simple and fun Easter craft for decoration.
2. Simple Ideas to do fun activities with family at home.
3. Cheap 5 minute craft that can be done for under a dollar.
4. Handicraft for beginners using cardboard, construction paper.
5. Make and sell decorations that are cheap and cost around a dollar, like friendship bracelets and wood craft ideas.

diy art and craft app has some amazing crafts for school suitable for boys and girls. The DIY home decorating ideas has simple diy wall hanging ideas made with toilet paper roll. We have diy paper craft wall hanging made using origami plane, animals & weapons. Enjoy the paper craft video to make beautiful fathers day card, christams ornaments.

Help your friends create a wonderful world with craft hand made. The step by step tutorials, along with easy to understand videos, can help your little ones to understand the methods faster. Let them play with Easter egg cartons art, doll making ideas, home grown greeting cards. We also have advanced courses to learn artwork such as quilling, origami(paper, modular, wedding, fashion, arts, and design), embroidery, knitting, sewing.

Craft app provides easy crafting techniques, life hacks, and handcrafted you can make yourself. Create your room decor, hand made gifts, diy phone case, toys, and school supplies. Make Chinese new year art paper, gift packing for holidays, trending recycled ideas with unique art & craft app. Let make you develop a world of craft with easy home decoration for wood wall that can be done independently.

Our latest categories included are:-
1. Try 5 Minute craft & food arts as hobby with exciting twists in crochet and decoupage.
2. Make sell craft ideas and earn money using cross stitch and knitting projects.
3. Do It Yourself tips to make farm animals, paper snowman with kids this january.
4. Kids craft ideas you will enjoy doing with them during holidays.
5. st patricks and valentines day gift crafts video.

Don't be too quick to throw away old fabrics! We provide trending recycle crafts like diy tie dye shirt, popsicle stick crafts, phone case, scrapbook & diy room decor for girls. Craft hand crafted is a new creative way to transform your old clothes into cool new items! You can try to do some super classic antique imitation with our easy recycle crafts ideas for adults.

Create a simple 5-minute craft with cheap products. Our Learn craft and the hand made app can make your life so much easier!
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Angela Mannon 2022-08-23

This app is awesome so far ! I've never been into arts and crafts but this app has so many nice and easy craft ideas that anyone can do them. Before I found this app I never dreamed of doing crafts and then selling my creations because I didn't think I was creative enough to create anything well ,but the ideas are so simple and so well explained that a baby could create them. I am happy I found this app. I even bought the monthly subscription. I never buy subscriptions to any apps.

I think this is such a fun app
Thara Ramachar 2022-08-16

This app is fantastic and amazing the crafts in this app is fantabulous I want more app like this rstream
Tricia Gaunt 2022-07-29

I actually just got the app although so far it looks very interesting and I'm just trying to find some things that I would be able to make and it looks like there's a lot of ideas . Thank you
Jackie Hendricks 2022-07-21

Ads... More ads... If you want to do anything you have to pay. No thank you. Not that I'm unwilling to pay for something that is really good. But no thank you.
Alveera D'Souza Alveera D'Souza 2022-07-15

This app is useful to me.... I really love this app ......
Rachel Cotton 2022-07-04

I was very disappointed in the app demanding a subscription ?
Kathy McCord 2022-07-03

I have learned so much from this app. I find myself wanting to pick up new things to do that I never thought I would have before. I love being able to watch it on my time.
Vidyanshi Samridhi Tigga Tigga 2022-06-29

this is very nice app help me all my school craft ideas thank you crafts D I Y.
Brianna Carlson 2022-06-25

I absolutely love this site so many yto entertain urself while making beautiful things