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Routine48: time planner
Stay on schedule by time blocking your day
By breaking your day into multiple time blocks you can focus your attention on what matters at the moment and not spend too much time on a particular task that could take time away from other important tasks, a time block can have multiple tasks that are related to the time block whether the task is a routine task or one time task, using time blocking method to manage your day you can increase your productivity and focus.

Routine48 is a weekly planner that uses the time blocking method to manage your weekly schedule
a weekly planner can make planning and scheduling your week simpler and easier, while there are many weekly planners some of them does not use time blocks to assign tasks to a particular time block, Routine48 is a weekly planner that allows you to assign tasks to time blocks, which makes entering tasks is much easier and quicker, and since it shows your day hour by hour you can use it as a daily planner and the difference between a weekly planner and a daily planner that is daily planner allows you to view and enter tasks that you need to do in the next 24 hours.

Easy to use agenda planner
View your agenda as 7 days section view and each section display hour by hour to serve as a daily agenda planner, each hour has a horizontal todo list that displays todos that you need to do in that particular hour, each day section display a progress bar that shows how many remaining todos in your agenda, so by the end of the day you can know if you completed all of your todos, then you can plan for the next day agenda.

Routine48 as timetable planner
using recurring tasks you can make time blocks as classes and set task duration to visually see how much time each class takes, since each hour in the timetable has a horizontal todo list you can add homework or anything related to that class in that hour, you can create recurring tasks that recur some days of the week, this way you can have multiple timetables, you can mix tasks that are not related to school/university so you can have a timetable planner and daily planner in the one app.

Declutter your todo list app from daily recurring tasks
One of the issues with a typical todo list app is that daily repeated tasks clutter your list of todos and add noise that makes it harder to separate between daily routine tasks and one time todos, Routine48 is designed to make it easier to manage your daily tasks

Visualize overlapping between routine tasks and one-off tasks
you can view each hour as a horizontal todo list and you can see how tasks overlap especially one time tasks that could overlap with your daily routine tasks, so you can decide what task you are going to reschedule, then that task moves to the corresponding hour's todo list.
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Yenyennn 2022-09-02

Not a free app. Once you start using it, a pop up will show that you have to pay for the whole thing. This restricts me from doing anything. Shouldn't have been advertised as free in the first place.
Peter Nový 2022-08-29

Very practical, minimalistic
Aditya Ananda 2022-08-19

Good app, really embrace the power of Timeblock
Jannatul Ferdous 2022-07-30

I love the app! This app is really good and free. I tried so many app and they were also good, but not free at all. But, this app is free. Thank you. Edit: This App sometimes delete some data. I have to tick mark something again & again. Also the app is so slow. Sometimes, I can't even find my task.
Carley O'Burke 2022-07-30

Basically a calendar app but with less features than Google calendar or whatever you use. Also, whenever I created a task/event and saved it, and opened it back up I couldn't change whether it was a recurring task to not recurring, or vice versa, it was grayed out. The only options I could see for a repeating task were on daily or weekly basis, no custom schedules. Certainly not worth the lifetime price of nearly $30, or even the monthly charge of almost $3. I'm glad there was a 3-day trial.
唐丽莎 2022-07-27

Used to love this app but it's a shame you have to pay for it now. Will search for another free alternative
kawka 2022-07-20

best planner app out there, helps a lot with productivity (and i've always been pretty much a lost case, so that's saying a lot!)
Raiyan Mahfuz Monim 2022-07-15

After searching for months for the best routine app,I finally found this great and perfect app for making daily routine.
Sha M. 2022-07-11

Great app... when it works. Love the concept. But after the new features were added and after paying for the app, it's malfunctioning. Tasks that are added to the calendar cannot be seen and completed tasks cannot be marked completed. It's really annoying. I may be decreasing a star if it doesn't get fixed because I put my money into this.
krushna ballava deep 2022-07-09

Hii devloper , also include statistics feature in the premium version so we can easily track our daily weekly and monthly task.