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Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk


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Remember The Milk
Remember The Milk is the smart to-do app for busy people. You'll never forget the milk (or anything else) again.

• Get to-dos out of your head, and let the app remember for you
• Get reminded via email, text, IM, Twitter, and mobile notifications
• Share your lists and give tasks to others to get things done faster
• Stay magically in sync on all of your devices
• Organize the way you want to with priorities, due dates, repeats, lists, tags, and more
• Search your tasks and notes, and save your favorite searches as Smart Lists
• See tasks nearby and plan the best way to get things done
• Integrates with Gmail, Google Calendar, Twitter, Evernote, and more
• Used by millions worldwide to be more organized and productive

"Remember The Milk is a veritable Swiss Army knife of to-do list management." - Lifehacker

Get more done with Remember The Milk Pro!

Remember The Milk is free to download and use. Purchase a Pro subscription in the app to unlock:

• Subtasks - break your tasks down into smaller, more manageable pieces
• Unlimited sharing - share your lists with others to get things done faster
• Color your tags - make your lists both organized and colorful with tag colors
• Advanced sorting - sort and group your tasks however you like
• Get reminded - never forget a task with reminders on your mobile device
• Badges and widgets - see your tasks at a glance and always know how many are due
• Sync with Microsoft Outlook - keep your tasks seamlessly in sync with Microsoft Outlook
• Unlimited storage - keep track of all your hard work with unlimited completed tasks
• And more!
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Fiodor Kupchik 2022-08-31

No notifications. I mean, at all. This app wants me to remember the milk. So what's the point in the app itself, then? ? Your response only shows you lied in the description: your app can't notify in mobile version. Without paid plan.
stuart lawler 2022-08-31

Very simple interface that you can use in your own way...good that you have to check off things as done lol means you never need to forget anything again and ADHD is all about the forgetting for me haha.
Nila Muthusamy 2022-08-30

Super simple and easy to use!
Philippe Waex 2022-08-23

Very useful. Not 100pc user friendly
Corinne Maigue 2022-08-22

concise and intuitive app, however i can't add a task to a list when making a new list, only presets are shown. i have to go to the task i created then edit its properties so it will show in the custom list
Flavio Jarabeck 2022-08-20

best choice for gtd! totally recommended!
Jim Howe 2022-08-17

Never have any issues with this app. I like that you can share with other people too.
Haven Himmi 2022-08-15

Extremely helpful!! Still learning all the ins and outs, but super helpful for planning and prioritizing. One of thw few task apps I found whwre you can share a task!
Don Teeter 2022-08-14

I found out the hard way you can't set the time a task is due. I don't know why that would be. Will continue shopping.
Tina Rogers 2022-08-12

It's an excellent tool to help you keep with a hectic schedule. I use it mostly to create my to do list for personal life