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OmyCard-WeWa and EarnMORE Card

OmyCard-WeWa and EarnMORE Card


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OmyCard-WeWa and EarnMORE Card
OmyCard provides comprehensive and instant credit card service and offers.

[Hot Promotions]
- WeWa “Selfish Rewards” - Between 1 March 2022 and 31 August 2022, reward yourself with OmyCard app by playing “Selfish What The Fun” before OR after swiping your WeWa card. You are 100% guaranteed to win a prize! You can even get extra rewards by collecting “Selfish Planet along your “Selfish Journey”. The more you play, the more you’ll win!
- “Hot Deals Patrols” offers all kinds of discounted products

- Instant transaction record and e-statement
- Play the WeWa “Selfish Rewards” game and win prizes*
- Apply for Cash Advance / transaction instalment instantly*
- Learn more about credit card offers / your exclusive spending offer instantly
- Apply and get approval of Credit-to-Cash instantly
- Activate credit card instantly
- Activate overseas ATM withdrawal function instantly
- Apply for credit card/credit limit increase instantly

*Applicable to specific credit cards
Terms and Conditions apply.
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