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Life Reminders
We all are overloaded with loads of stuff to remember or to-do for us, family, children, grandchildren, friends...
Life reminders is a simple and powerful reminder app which you can use for all types of things including but not limited to: upcoming anniversary (anniversaries), wish (wishes), special date, gift, motivation, event, phone call, task, birthdays, medicine, list....
Small oversights can have big consequences...Never forget anything anymore with Life Reminders.
Reminders are easy to scheduled to go off based on date time (weekday) or Location!
Here are some examples of what it can help you for:
Something to do at a given time ?
Medicine to take at a certain hour ?
An Email to send next week ?
An important call to make at a precise moment ?
An important date to remember ? (birthday)
Something to do when you arrive at your office?
Need a alarm to wake up on mornings?

Available over 20 languages including French, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Russian, German and of course English

You would like to see something added, send support a mail, we analyze and see what can be done we pay great attention to users' feedback, and will do our best to improve the application.
If you have any problem with it send a mail describing your issue to the support team, we will fix it as fast as possible.
We will be glad to receive constructive mails about your use of it or the issues you’ve got.

* Remember that WE CAN'T ANSWER COMMENTS. If you have a problem or want to suggest a feature, please send us an email.
* You must exclude Life Reminders from your task killer if you have one installed
* Life reminders CANNOT be installed on the SD card

You like Life Reminders and would appreciate to see it in your language? This is also one of our goals, so if you can help, contact us by email (the email address is in the about box).

The app is AD supported, if you which to have no ads, you can obtain the Donate version.
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Charles Palmer 2022-09-12

Inconsistent AM notifications.
Israel Adames Hernandez 2022-09-03

Reminds me of my VA HOSPITAL appointments and any payments due, but does not say when holidays are posted and that is a must.
Bob McIntyre 2022-08-31

App works, but support is between abysmal and non-existent. Once the developer has your money, he doesn't give a s%#t about you. Lots of bugs and no responses. Dev changed backups and now I can't backup or restore going to a new phone. And just forget about implementing paid version on new phone. This SUCKS!
kumar a 2022-08-22

I am a purchased user of this app. App is functionally good but has outdated UI. I sent in some important improvement suggestions but no response from developer. 3 stars only for features, removed 2 stars due to lack of support from developer and outdated UI. @developer- check your email. I sent many imp and useful suggestions which are basic features in other apps.
bugsy malone 2022-08-19

My daily companion, love the app.
A Millard 2022-08-17

Ads get in the way of function. Ads will override the notification. So The AP gets hung upin the ad -- waiting for me to take action while The alarm goes unheard -- just vibrating..in a holding Patter waiting for me to take action and open The ad. Very disruptive. This ap has always been glitchy but I have trusted it more than others. Now, eveytime it goes off I'm getting Trump ads -- total filth - but I would't care so much if it wasn't overpowering the Ap.
Draz Raz 2022-08-17

I bought the "donate" version on April 2012 with the promise of free lifetime upgrades. Today I found out that purchases before 2020 must use the OLD donate version which doesn't work with my Galaxy Note. The app itself is great but now I have tons of annoying ads that shouldnt be there!
Bob Samberg 2022-08-17

Auto and manual backup broken since July 29
Ken Bauer 2022-08-09

using app. for 7 yrs. it's my lifeline for reminders, but lately the Google text to voice doesn't always work on s22 ultra phone.
A Google user 2022-08-04

Contacted developer with a question awhile ago but still no answer. I guess they just don't care. Time to look for another reminder app.