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Off the Grid - Digital Detox

Off the Grid - Digital Detox


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Off the Grid - Digital Detox
Do you need a digital detox? The average American spends 31% of their waking hours on mobile devices. Yes, really! Off the Grid is a digital detox app that helps curb phone addiction so you can cut that number down and reconnect with real life. And it's free!

• Out to dinner and always checking your phone?
  Off the Grid locks down your phone so you engage with the people around you.
• Want to put down your phone every night at 8pm?
  Schedule your Off the Grid time and your phone will stop distracting you, automatically.
• Need to make sure your significant other can reach you?
  Choose whether to allow calls when you're Off the Grid.
• Worried your friends will wonder why you're not responding?
  Custom auto-reply messages let your friends know you’re Off the Grid.
• Want to take a selfie with your friends?
  No problem, you can still access your camera app.

Still not convinced the quality of your life will improve by putting down your phone and doing a digital detox? Check out our digital detox articles at http://www.offthegridapp.com/overuse-of-technology-articles/.

Off the Grid is effective and a cinch to use. Give it a try! :)
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Professor Jeffrey Rath 2022-09-14

App basically takes over your entire device with its hidden Permissions. App Won't Shut Off!! Huge Security Risk! This App is MALWARE. Uninstall Before its to late and All your private stuff is stolen and compromised.
Wai Lam Chu 2022-09-07

I just tried it, it works very well but it is really easy to bypass the app. All you have to do is keep on pressing the make a call app and then soon enough you are on your home screen and all you gotta do is just clear the app. Also the notification settings are weird. I allowed them but the app doesn't recognize it
Jordan Fessler 2022-08-23

Pretty cool idea, restart phone and disable app is a deal breaker. Other apps i use don't allow to be uninstalled to disable their function. Would love to turn my phone back into an old style phone with the use of a couple apps but im still searching.
Robert Mac Chomhgaill 2022-08-16

Working better for me than other detox apps. You choose when to start and for how long, then it switches itself off after the period. This is better than apps wjere you have to fiddle with settings . But... only a couple of weeks in. Hopefully still using this in a year.
Davies Sunga 2022-08-14

I can't seem to enable notifications in order to get started. Please help.
Whitney Jemmett 2022-08-06

Great. Until I figured out that all I have to do is restart my phone and I have the time before the app starts running to turn it off.
Alisha Vogel 2022-07-27

I love this app, I can actually get things done now & I feel so much more relaxed when not constantly checking my phone.
Pete 2022-07-16

Update Again - Three whitelist apps was better. I would go a whole day with maps, audio books, and notes app. Consider it Update - Gave it another try and was somewhat pleased but three free allowed apps would be much better than only one. The old 2018 Offtime app was the best.
Alroy Anggana 2022-07-08

I dunno but since installed this my battery run out very fast. Other than that it work intendedly -Edit : Turn out it's another apps that i install together with this app. This app drain too but only about 1-2% of total battery
Md. Imam Hasan Shakib 2022-06-27

Loved it especially the "make a call" system other apps are not giving it without premium..so its nice...10/10? Schedule system is not working could you please kindly check it?