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There’s a brand new home screen for the Octopus App, separating the functions of Octopus card and Octopus Wallet (formerly O! ePay), so you can easily find the services you need!

The wide range of services of Octopus App include:
Octopus Card Services – for all your transport and retail payment needs
• Check and collect consumption vouchers, and view the cumulative eligible spending and spending records;
• Top up your Octopus cards anytime, anywhere
Top up your own Octopus cards, your family’s or even your friend’s, with money in your Octopus Wallet, or from your bank account through the Faster Payment System (FPS) without touching any cash;
• Check and collect the Public Transport Fare Subsidies, and purchase MTR, KMB and First Ferry monthly passes in a breeze;
• Manage your daily expense with ease by checking the remaining value and spending records of your Octopus with a summary by categories.

Octopus Wallet Services – for managing your other daily expense needs
- Transfer money from your bank account
Sign up for FPS Electronic Direct Debit Authorisation to instantly transfer money from your bank account into Octopus Wallet (the “Wallet”) for everyday use;
- Shop globally at online merchants accepting Mastercard, while enjoying peace of mind with the Wallet’s prepaid balance;
- Send money to payee’s Octopus Wallet, Octopus cards or bank accounts (via FPS) with ease;
- Pay with Octopus to enjoy fabulous offers and rewards at popular merchants.For more details, please visit www.octopus.com.hk/octopusapp
Licence Number: SVF0001
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Doris Li 2022-11-18

not able to add value after last update, pls look into it thanks
babu yoyong 2022-11-17

Customer service representative do not know what they do: communication in WhatsApp and hotline are not in sync.
mary ellen v del rosario 2022-11-15

reliable app. fast reading. No non sense. Direct.. thanks a lot
Michaela Pennacchini 2022-11-14

Constantly bugging out and not letting me top up from banking app. Very annoying.
Rahul Singh 2022-11-12

it's the best way to move around. so happy and thanks to Octopus. as by name it can spread to any extent to keep the customer happy ?
Paula B 2022-11-11

Very convenient and easy to use
clarissa ivanna 2022-11-09

kicks me out of log in page despite alrd logging in 5 times and fps system has been down the past week for me. tried reinstalling and its still the same , now I can't even log in the app eventhough I got multiple emails saying the login was "successful". horrible app, won't even try to download if I didn't need it.
GullibleSmith 2022-11-06

Just does not function. Absolute rubbish app.
Will Ho 2022-11-04

The App has not been designed with the user in mind. Stop just making money off the users and pay for a professional to sort this piece of shite mobile app up properly. Also, why does the e Octopus Card only work with Apple and Samsung. Should it not work and be offered for the major Android manufacturers?
Isaac Pang 2022-10-31

how come not yet support android smart watch payment