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Idle Light City

Idle Light City


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Idle Light City
Welcome to Idle Light City - a brand new clicker game! The entire city is in darkness and needs your help to light it up. Run the lightbulb factory and produce as many lightbulbs as you can, unlock new buildings and light them up to earn money.
In this idle, tap tap and clicker game, you can unlock and discover many buildings and enjoy the amusement park. Earn cash, purchase upgrades, produce lightbulbs faster and expand the city.
Enjoy this unique & addictive idle game!
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Bryce Boone 2022-07-11

There can be 5 easy to click buttons on the main home screen that can set off an advertisement. That gets annoying quickly. You get 5 free spins a day on the wheel. One ad per spin. I did three ads and one spin of the wheel... Cool. The ad free version is $27(USD) which is a high price. I assume that does not get of all ads, if you run out of money to level up your house you can boose it +10 levels by watching an Ad. If AD free worked ad intended you can max out your houses ruining game play.
AppQuantum 2022-07-15
Thank you for the feedback!
ZerglingPack 2022-05-06

Game is constantly trying to trick you into watching ads. If you click upgrade and don't have the coins it plays an ad. A bulb floats around the screen and if you click you get another ad. It's just frustrating for a game that has potential. Also i understand games need ads to make money BUT there are much better ways.
AppQuantum 2022-05-09
Thanks for your feedback! We apologize for the inconvenience.
Jason Bullock 2022-01-12

It has too man ads that can ambush you with. If you run out of money to upgrade a building it changes the buy upgrade button to watch ad. If you tapping quickly you will hit the watch ad button. Having the option is fine but it's replacement of the upgrade button is aggravating. If they toned down the ambush ads it would be a decent idle game.
Micha Pringle 2021-08-19

The game looks like it would be a lot of fun, but within 5 - 10 minutes of playing, the screen is littered with buttons for ads. There is even a moving one that gets in the way of the actual game play. In any case, i deleted the app in 10 minutes. EDIT: 1.5 years later, reinstalled to see if the ad settings are more appropriate - they are unchanged. Do not waste your time with this ad laden mess.
AppQuantum 2021-08-24
Can we help you here somehow? When you put only one star, one little lightbulb in the city burns away.
Ralf Dyck 2021-08-10

Terribly frustrating! Spent about 5 times more watching commercials than playing the game. Some commercials don't give you a reward after being watched & now commercials that you can't close after watching, so you have to reboot! As you progress, they jack up the cost of lighting up the buildings so you can't complete that task without watching mega commercials. Of course, that is how they make their $! Users complain, & are told to buy the no commercials option, which costs you $$.
AppQuantum 2021-08-10
Hello! We are really upset that you are dissatisfied with the app. Please tell us what can be improved to change your opinion?
Nsomniacs Dream 2021-08-06

This is just an ad viewer with pauses between the ads where you can click stuff. It's literally an ad to do anything, they make it so you can't keep leveling a building without getting "free levels" by watching an ad first. Then there are surprise ads every so often, so I think I actually played a game for roughly 1 minute. 3 hours of ads.
AppQuantum 2021-08-10
We are sorry you didn't like the game. Can you tell us what you didn't like namely, so we can improve it?
Robert Stults 2021-07-07

Way too many ads. When you're buying upgrades the button changes from buy to watch an ad for 10 more levels, then the sphere that pops up randomly with too small a payout to merit watching the ad, then if you walk away for a few minutes, another ad... I used to enjoy this game when it first came out, but wish I hadn't wasted time redownloading it now.
AppQuantum 2021-07-13
Thanks for your feedback! We are constantly working on the ads settings to make it appropriate for everyone. You should check an option to turn all the ads off, even rewarded ones. With this option players will earn the rewards without watching any videos.
Adraana 2021-06-21

I love idle games. And this one is a great concept. But the ads are terrible. If you are going to give me the option to buy/pay of things then let me pay to get rid of ads. Even if they arent removed completely with a purchase then at least make them avoidable. Its ridiculous. Let me play the game not watch a feature film length ad.
AppQuantum 2021-06-22
Thanks for your feedback! We are constantly working on the ads settings to make it appropriate for everyone. You should check an option to turn all the ads off, even rewarded ones. With this option players will earn the rewards without watching any videos.
Amanda Breckenridge 2021-05-20

Edit: Can't transfer the game between devices. This is something any game should have, even if you have to move an actual save file. This is a huge problem I can't support. Original 4 star : I love the game, the way the ads work now is great. I honestly choose to watch ads often because the reward seems worth it. I feel like I've hit a wall now. I'm waiting forever in order to be able to prestige, and sadly this maybe the end of the game for me. I played constantly but now the wait is too long.
AppQuantum 2021-05-20
Thanks for the feedback anyway
Ha Davis 2021-04-05

this is a fun and decent game, but suffers from 2 things. 1. a lack of explanation regarding the prestige system which lead to many new player getting stuck at Block B. and 2. Forced ads has to go, I'm not talking about those optional ads which is fine. Similar idle games have no such thing, it will only hurt the game in the long run.
AppQuantum 2021-04-06
Thank you for the feedback! Suggestions and ideas from our players help the developers improve the game!