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Night Agent: I'm the Savior

Night Agent: I'm the Savior


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Night Agent: I'm the Savior
The world is disordered, time for you to be the savior! ARPG mobile game 【Night Agent】is coming! Some disguised students in a high school are the super heroes of balancing Yin and Yang? Hey, transfer student! I can see the potential inside of you. Why don't you join us and save the world?

【Game Features】
One vs thousands. Wipe out devils with cool moves!
Super cool battle experience, outstanding design of skills and relentless enemies. Just set free your true self!

Agents Assemble! They are all the gifted.
Exquisite 3D models, characters are alive. Long range or melee, physical attack or magical damage. Choose the way you play! Goddess, lolita and domineering lady, you can choose whoever you like. Organize your best squad!

Funny stories! Live a supernatural daily life.
Full of dramatic performances and plots. This is a playable animation in your hand. Let's hunt down devils and save the world!

Collect and cultivate, ancient holy beasts could be great helpers!
Find out holy beasts and sign contracts. You can wield the ancient power if they accept you.

Co-op mode. Heroes will never be alone!
Can't handle a giant devil? Don't worry, just summon your best friends to hunt it together! Wipe out your enemies and have fun together!

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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

James Aaron Serrano 2022-08-23

I love this game so much it runs very smooth in my 2gb ram android phone?. I have a request add something like endless mode where many enemies will come endlessly till my agent dies HAHAHAHA and can you guys remove energy system and if not possible make it cheaper but over all this is the best ARPG I played in my low spec phone with great graphics. Thank you for making this possible?
Zack Fair 2022-08-17

Its really a good game. It got nice gameplay, good character design, good sound quality but i didn't liked the camera quality, i can't even see where enemy and one thing that i didn't liked is that I get lot of money and diamonds but it's got not much use of it, moneys are only for upgrading character which cost only few thousand money other money are kind of waste so kindly make use of moneys we get like in buying character. One last thing, please add more character skin which is buyable.
Maria 2022-08-16

Tbh I didn't expect this game to be so darn good, the graphics and animation aren't the best but they're really pretty, character designs are amazing and the gameplay is fun. Just a suggestion, but please consider letting players customize the placement of the buttons (atk skill dodge etc) their current placement makes it hard to rotate the camera because the skill buttons would activate on their own. Overall, it's a very fun game and with a bit more improvements, I'm sure it'll continue to grow
Lila Shellenberger 2022-08-03

I really like this game other than when you battle its difficult to turn the screen and dodge because it doesn't interupt when you use a skill. But, yeah, its a great game.
Pushkar Bisht 2022-07-31

This game has many faults.. Specially in Brwal event... Many times I enter the fight but the game shows abrupt behavior like no increament of points, not showing status of opponent and some times not even begin the fight properly... A few seconds ago I lost Brawl points due to these technical fault and that to without even giving a fight
aryo wicaksono 2022-07-25

The graphic is good, the gameplay is fun. But the difficulty gap between the stages are ridiculous. With very limited resource gifts and energies, i don't think this game is friendly for f2p players like me. Otherwise, it would take a lot of time to grind for f2p players. But overall, this game is good and needs more recognitions.
Qiqiツ 2022-07-23

Wow just amazing at first I thought it was a regular fighting game but no you can move the character around. It also have rock, paper, scissors. Example: If the enemy/opponent is rock we have to choose paper. In my opinion this game deserve 5⭐.
lamla_ senpai 2022-07-18

Love the AI and graphics, story is okay, the gameplay is so cool as well, lots of rewards for beginners too but I'm not particularly impressed with the fighting, it's a bit too easy for my liking, I wish they could've done more to add combos and make a it bit more challenging, nonetheless it's a good game
Gemma Medija 2022-07-14

Better than Honkai Impact 3! Not storage consuming, the graphics are insane and smooth! Good for 1-2gb ram Devices (no lag). Their Ultimate skills are incredible and op, so many chapters. Please add Fps settings next update!!!
Go roo 2022-07-05

I honestly didn't believe it at first when i found out this comic has a game lol. But, why not try it out? its a great game honestly. Really nice rewards for Begginers too! can make you grind when your level is a little higher.. but overall manageable. Recommended!