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StoneAge World

StoneAge World


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StoneAge World
◈Embark on an adventure in StoneAge World!◈
Immerse yourself in a prehistoric world brimming with dinosaur pets! Gear up to capture rare prehistoric pets and head to Tectonika to stop the rise of the Machine Life!

▣ Game Features ▣

▶ Experience a new open-world MMORPG.
Gear up and capture rare prehistoric pets in the vast open world of Tectonika!
In addition to collecting pets in the field, you can acquire other pets by hatching eggs. Dress up in your favorite costume for even more fun!

▶ A simple, touch-controlled strategic combat system.
A fluid turn-based battle system that changes depending on your skill level.
Train and progress your pets in unique ways to make them the strongest they can be!
Collect weapons and utilize them strategically in challenging battles!
Customize your battle formations and defeat your enemies!

▶ Take part in a prehistoric world with friends!
Have fun riding the Manmo Bus, delivering Eggs, and more!
Collect various "Life" rewards every day to progress your character and pets!

▶ Socialize with friends from around the world!
When you’re done fighting, join your Tribe for a barbecue!

◈StoneAge World Official Websites◈
Brand site: http://stone.netmarble.com/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe1JtrIUGiHiG0-qaCiN29w
Community: https://www.facebook.com/StoneAgeWorldUS

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Privacy Policy: http://help.netmarble.com/policy/privacy_policy.asp

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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Michael Lord 2022-08-03

cool graphics and game
Jahna Bruni 2022-07-30

Auto questing makes games feel like a chore
Caleb Adu-Gyamfi Sarkodie 2022-07-16

I just love the game. Everything about the game is cool and I love the in game interactions and everything but I think there are not enough "pets" in the game. I have played a lot of monster taming games and overall I think this game has the least number of creatures to tame. I love how you added pets which were not in the series and how you made variants for every pet type but if you ask me, well , they are not enough.
XxCharizard BgxX 2022-07-10

I love it but you need to be level 12 to do the jump that will level me up to level 150
Rahul Roy 2022-06-26

Game is very good don't change anything just enjoy it very much don't stop the game or anything this is the best game in play store you should download it guys it showing I obtain sarauchi in codex but not showing up on pet list please check
Ma. Almira Corazon De Jesus 2022-06-12

Its a long loading after u download it but if u already played it there is no loading and this is a fun game 5 stars fun fun no glitch if ur internet is good
Juan Carlos Lopez Juarez 2022-06-08

It's a really good game it's like Pokemon and I love Pokemon
Derajat Taruno Jati 2022-06-03

Luck based catching. Rare pet doesnt appear in map, more luck based. Mecha pet is pay 2 win, fake open world with loading stages. This will be dead game after few months
Zack Mccreary 2022-05-15

Good the game has good graphics and really good details to everything I say this is probably a four point five
Gaeb 2022-05-06

Add trade pets but overall super good game best Pokemon realted game