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MyCuts - Salon Booking App

MyCuts - Salon Booking App


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MyCuts - Salon Booking App
For your salon business, we have an excellent salon manager. Automate your salon effortlessly and accurately!

Discover MyCuts, the breakthrough app that will save time booking appointments and tracking inventory so you can focus on your clients! It can be your hair salon software and salon management software that can help you to better manage your business. This salon appointment software will give you a set of extraordinary features.

*** Appointment Scheduling ***

* Intuitive salon scheduler. Effortlessly schedule your appointments with our easy and familiar calendar.
* Stop those money-draining no-shows and let MyCuts automatically send customized email or text appointment confirmations and reminders.
* Quickly view all appointments booked for each client.
* Easily rebook an appointment or make it automatically recurring.
* Add appointment blockers that will help control double-booking.
* Get push notifications to stay on top of your business.

*** Client Management ***

* Search through your clients by client name and filter by scheduled or unscheduled.
* Quickly book an appointment if they don't have one scheduled.
* Gather detailed information about the client including email, phone, occupation, mailing address and more.
* Send mass texts or emails to your clients. Great for marketing!
* Add different colors to appointments or services for better management.

*** Inventory Tracking ***

* Search through your inventory by item name and filter by stocked, low, or reorder.
* View your stock level, target stock level and reorder level.
* Easily add or remove stock from your inventory items.
* Enter detailed information about the inventory item, including category, supplier, price and more.

*** Why MyCuts? ***

* No trial, no credit card, this salon management software is FREE, forever. Upgrade your account at any time if you feel the need for more features.
* Free plan includes: Unlimited appointments, unlimited inventory, unlimited services and unlimited client emails. Up to 25 clients and 1 stylist.
* Upgraded plan includes: Unlimited clients, unlimited stylists and unlimited client text messaging.
* Stays in sync with a free responsive online website that has similar features.
* We back up your data every day so you don't have to. If your device crashes, dies or is stolen, you can be rest assured that your data is still safe on our servers. Your personal and client information is secure with us and only available to you.
* Our unique inventory tracking system.
* We're known as the "neat and straightforward" salon booking app.
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Melissa Renaud 2022-08-24

There are a few things I don't care for in this app. It could be just my preference but in my opinion.... I don't like how the app has clients going to a web site to confirm appointments. I don't like how on the month calendar, the date doesn't show how many clients you have booked for that day. If I only can book 6 a day and I can see that, then I look for the first day that I don't have the day booked already. You have to transfer your contact list from your phone, one at a time.
Rubel Das 2022-08-13

i need work
Bob Borbiro 2022-07-17

Terrible. Cant find any way to make an appointment.
Monica Ortega 2022-07-02

I love the app I wish it had the option to split appointments when double booking. Other then that I love it !
K B 2022-04-27

My client tell me often that they wish they could have the option to say if they are unable to make the appointment. With this app, their only choice is to confirm yes to the appointment. I wish there was a way to set what time messages go out. My clients receive them late into the evening, which feels very unprofessional. I would also like to be able to quickly reference when a client was in last. Other than that, I love this app.
Kristine Thiessen 2022-03-13

Easy to use, but wish when the appointments were completed that they changed color. Like a grey or other color
Rita Smith 2022-03-08

This app is amazing it does as much as you needed to. With any questions you email them they email you back within 12 to 24 hours. I have used it for quite a few years and have been very very satisfied
ASHLEY HOBAN 2022-02-25

Worst experience ever with getting a stacked bob not only once but twice
Shear Beaute 2022-01-30

Days it free but want me to add my card
Labelle Brune 2021-10-12

I hope is free .and how can I delete my account.