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Vision Board, Visualize dreams

Vision Board, Visualize dreams


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Vision Board, Visualize dreams
Making a vision board is a perfect way to bring clarity of desire and turn it into an achievable goals and vision.

Dashboard goal tracking will help users to quickly identify their progress of Vision strengths and weaknesses with all of their lifetime goals.

Manage your daily tasks with check/uncheck, mark important, task notes, drag and drop to reorder and more.

Vision Board, Visualize dreams App Features :
- Set your goal images, set a title and goal deadline
- Dashboard will help to progress of your goals and vision
- It helps strengthen your daily positive affirmations.
- It helps you to identify your vision of your life and give it clarity to vision.
- Keeps you always motivated and focused.
- Lifetime Goals of Life, Positive Affirmation, Self-motivation, Affirmative Goal Settings
- Visualize your goals in Viewing Mode with background music
- See daily positive affirmations, Visualize your dreams
- Law of attraction with affirmations, Life Purpose, Life Vision and Life Goals
- Create an unlimited number of checklists and Todo tasks, My Notes List, Todo List, Checklist and My Tasks

Positive Affirmations :
- Fill your day with prosperity, almost all types of positive affirmations that helps you to grow in each stage of life.
- Add your own affirmation categories and affirmations
- Change background voice recording from settings
- Add your voice recording to affirmation while playing daily affirmation
- Start your day with prosperity and goals settings, My Affirmations
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Madison Kline 2022-09-17

It's a decent app (not my favorite, since it's very basic and doesn't offer a whole of of customization), but the part that drives me crazy is their notifications that come through 2-3 times a day. Most of the time the grammar and spelling in them is awful, it's kind of unprofessional.
Munira Alharbi 2022-08-19

Thanks for this amazing app ??? I like how easy to use +the design and organization that give me more cleartiy. I also like notification wise quotes ? I am thinking soon with my new tablet have premium version ☺️
Kirsty 2022-08-15

Only giving it 4* because of the daily affirmations, not a fan of the interface. Can't edit an already made vision board.
Unavailable 2022-08-05

Everything i need is here..it have so many options for persons who want to make and record their own affirmations. If you want a positive step towards manifesting your dreams you can try this app and see how you like it. The app is very user friendly so its easy to maneuver.
kenn roja 2022-08-03

Its a great app. 4 star due to excessive ads? Or i cant buy it since I think I lacks value for its asking amount.? Edit: i cant be using the app and giving them 4 star ?
Michelle Locke 2022-07-28

I absolutely LOVE this app!! I just downloaded it so I haven't posted anything on my cousin board yet, but when I do I'll add some pictures here!! I love that you can customize everything so much +& literally make your vision board EXACTLY how you envision it!! You can buy the Ad Free version, which I did because it's only $5.xx +& it's worth that in my opinion already! If you are into having a virgin board to help you manifest your Google +& makes you dreams come true, then I Recommend!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Deepak Nanda 2022-07-28

Too many ads. I am generally ready to buy premium versions if the app is worth it.. but this one showed me 2 ads in the first 30 seconds.. pathetic. Uninstalled immediately .
Yumi Okado 2022-07-18

Ads made it pretty unusable for keeping your train of thought straight on your boards and the app isn't designed very well either. Plenty of other apps have more efficient and intuitive designs
Mystic Light_D 2022-07-13

Hate this app. I just finished my vision board and needed to attach one more picture so i downloaded it from Google and when I came back to this app my all work was gone. It doesn't save it in draft. Uhhhh I will not make another one here. I'm uninstalling it. ???
Lando 2022-07-12

This is where the magic happens with technology and vision management! I am looking forward to completing goals and progressing my future.