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Power Apps
Get Power Apps to conveniently access your work or school apps no matter where you are: at home, on the road, in the field, off-campus, at the airport, or at the beach – anywhere life takes you.


The Power Apps app is the front door to the apps at your work or school. Which apps can you use? It depends on what’s been created for you. Here are some examples you might see, or ones you can make yourself using the Power Apps website:

• Campus app: Map your campus with icons for landmarks and facility details.
• Event registration app: Record attendees as they arrive using barcodes or QR codes.
• Expenses app: Let employees submit their expenses and upload photos of receipts.
• Health clinic app: Let patients check in to appointments with just a few taps.
• NFC reader app: Scan NFC tags on ID cards, equipment, packages, etc.
• Performance app: Visualize data and get insights with interactive dashboards.
• Sales app: See opportunities and leads, review comments, and approve for your P&L.
• Space planning app: Take 3D measurements and manipulate objects in mixed reality.
• Timesheet app: Collect, consolidate, and analyze shift data from employees.

This is just a handful of examples; the possibilities are endless. Build and share low-code apps for your work or school at the Power Apps website.


• Swipe right to make an app a favorite, swipe left to add a shortcut to the home screen.
• As an admin, mark an app as Featured, so that it stays pinned to the top of the apps list.
• Some apps can work offline, and Power Apps will sync your data when you reconnect.
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

rose ann sison 2022-07-16

Always had an error
Leonard Santos 2022-07-15

super hassle, laggy, buggy and trash
mhmud mbruk 2022-07-15

It's not even opening on my phone, please try to fix it ASAP as I deadly need it everyday for my work
Hamdan Al Dabbas 2022-07-15

very very slow app, it takes ages just to show the menu
Afnan Ahmad 2022-07-13

Quite useful and interesting
Sub Seven 2022-07-13

Too laggy feels uncomfortable when using it even thought my smartphone has a higher specs still the app remains laggy
Ricky Dojero 2022-07-12

I need to uninstall and install the app eveyday for it to work, if its not nedeed for my work, I wont use it ever.
Darling downs 2022-07-12

Very pleased with this. Easy to use to get apps up and running fast. Good job!
Rahul Murlidharan 2022-07-11

Very slow to load even slower than ? if there was a rating below 1 then I would have given that.
Shelly Rhodes 2022-07-11

Just had to re-install for the 3rd time. Not reliable and annoying to have to download over and over and over.