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Microsoft Launcher
Microsoft Launcher provides a new home screen experience that empowers you to be more productive on your Android device. Microsoft Launcher is highly customizable, allowing you to organize everything on your phone. Your personalized feed makes it easy to view your calendar, to do lists, and more. Sticky Notes on the go. When you set up Microsoft Launcher as your new home screen, you can either start fresh with your favorite apps or import your current home screen layout. Need to switch back to your previous home screen? You can do that, too!

This version of Microsoft Launcher has been rebuilt on a new codebase to make new features possible, including dark mode, personalized news, and numerous performance improvements (improved load time, less memory use, better battery performance, and fluent animation).

Customizable icons:
· Give your phone a consistent look and feel with custom icon packs and adaptive icons.

Beautiful wallpapers:
· Enjoy a fresh new image from Bing every day or choose your own photos.

Dark theme:
· Comfortably use your phone at night or in low light environments with Microsoft Launcher’s new dark theme. This feature is compatible with Android’s dark mode settings.

Backup and Restore:
· Easily move between your phones or try Home Screen setups through Microsoft Launcher’s Backup and Restore feature. Backups can be stored locally or saved to the cloud for easy transfers.

· Swipe, pinch, double tap, and more on the home screen to easily navigate on the Microsoft Launcher surface.
This app uses Accessibility Service Permission for optional gesture of screen lock and recent apps view.

Improved performance:
· Microsoft Launcher now loads faster, uses less memory, is more battery efficient, and offers fluent animations.

By installing this app, you agree to the Terms of Use (http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=246338) and Privacy Policy (http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkID=248686).

Downloading Microsoft Launcher gives the option to replace the default launcher or to toggle between device launchers. Microsoft Launcher does not replicate the user’s PC home screen on the Android phone. Users must still purchase and/or download any new apps from Google Play. Requires Android 7.0+.
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Jorge Elias Santiesteban 2022-08-15

Adds functionality to Android that feels like an upgrade on a device that is no longer receiving new Android builds it gives you that new OS feeling many power users crave. The recent activities widget helps keep you on track, don't waste time hunting for that last app or clipped text. Customize your UX and make your phone feel rooted without the risk.
HxHippy 2022-08-15

Was excellent, now it's not. Everytime I use the home key or use a button that triggers the dashboard or homescreen it requests verification on which launcher to use, and the settings won't stick. It's an annoyance I worked through for a month, now I'm done waiting for it to update/fix that. I've got patience, but not enough for this app. Other apps don't have this issue.
Microsoft Corporation 2022-08-16
Thanks for your feedback. Could you please provide some screenshots or screen recording to microsoftlauncherfb@microsoft.com for a better understanding? We'll assist you there.
Christian G. Manuel 2022-08-15

Using an andriod phone and having a dell laptop. I figured i try a different laucher. Microsoft Launcher is smooth, responsive, and pretty light weight in comparison to the launcher thats built in with this motorola phone.
DoNot Need 2022-08-14

What happened? Before I could disable Home Screen Rotation but now I can't. I DON'T NEED OR WANT THE HOME SCREEN TO ROTATE. 31Mar22-Updated app and I see my squeaky wheel was fixed. Thank you!???? 14Aug22-installed app after factory resetting phone and "Allow Home screen rotation" is still stuck in the ON position.???
Microsoft Corporation 2022-08-16
Thanks for your feedback. Could you please provide some screenshots or screen recording to microsoftlauncherfb@microsoft.com for a better understanding? We'll assist you there.
LOOSE TEKZ 2022-08-14

Great launcher. Definitely has the windows feel to it. Calendar doesn't sync right away but that's ok. Beautiful Ui. Very responsive. Easy to customize with stock and 3rd party icons and wallpapers. Great job.
tony bell 2022-08-14

My favorite launcher. It always works and has never stopped working for me. Love the option of creating widgets for the news-related sources I frequent. Plus, being someone who doesn't like to clutter my home screen, the launcher makes that possible. Of course, there are other apps but hey, I like what I like.
Papa Jon Ehret 2022-08-14

Haven't had it long enough to completely judge but way better than the last time I tried it years ago when they tried to turn your phone into a Windows phone. It was bad then but is immediately more user friendly than the Google BS on this Pixel 6 Pro I just got. If you have had Samsung since the Note 1 came out you know what a phone is supposed to be like. The Pixel IS NOT a Samsung.
Jay 2022-08-14

I was looking for alauncer to replace the Google launcher on my P6. I felt as if it did not give me options to work with. Microsoft launcher is great. I can find my emails and calendar quickly with at a glance. The dock allows me to add my favorites so that I can quickly access them. Now, if Microsoft only perfected there text message app, I'd be happier
Kim Brouer 2022-08-13

It has plenty of interesting design ideas, and I occasionally trial new versions. But there's always some little deal breaker that has me uninstalling it fairly quickly. The latest one for me was only showing 12-hour times in the calendar card.
Microsoft Corporation 2022-08-16
Dear User, really appreciate your suggestion. We will consider it and improve our app in the new version.
Musharraf Khan 2022-08-13

I enjoyed this app but ever since I got it on my Samsung Note 20 Ultra, my entire device would reset frequently and very randomly. At least once a day it will reset. I checked my own settings and I don't have auto restart on. I had to remove the launcher because it was getting too irritating with all the random restarts.
Microsoft Corporation 2022-08-16
Thanks for your feedback! Could you please send us a crash report if the crash happens again through the following steps: Launcher settings-Help and feedback-Troubleshoot-Crash-Run test?