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To Do List with Reminder

To Do List with Reminder


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To Do List with Reminder
You can use the app to manage your routines, plan your schedule and organize your daily tasks in clear and easy way.

The app helps in increasing your productivity, and keeping track of your done and undone activities.

You can easily add single or repeated alarm for your to do tasks, with snooze and custom ringtone, so you won't miss any of them.

The app classify your tasks upon its time, and it highlighted each time period's tasks with a different color (overdue ?, today ?, tomorrow ?, latter ?, no time ?), and you can filter your tasks upon their time period.

Also, the finished tasks ✅ are highlighted using specific color and text style.

Beside that, you can also categorize your tasks into lists with a color that identifies each list, and you can disable any list to archive it.

You can synchronize your tasks online to Google Tasks.

Add note, memo, or reminder
• Add task as note with no date and no time
• put date only and no time
• put date and time
• set alarm to On or Off.

Adjust the alarm settings from app settings
• set the (alarm even in silent mode) option.
• enable the vibration.
• adjust the alarm sound level and duration.

Customize the alarm for each task
• enable the Full-Screen alarm.
• set the alarm snooze's intervals and count.
• select a custom ringtone for each single task.

Set alarm repeat
• select weekdays
• set periodic repeat every specific interval of years, months, weeks, days, hours or even minutes

Group your activities in lists
• create lists to classify your different tasks
• recognize your lists using different colors
• clone, edit, drop, or share list
• disable the list to archive it.

Quickly, manage your tasks
• add task by voice.
• enable the quick task bar.
• add many tasks; save each line as single  task.
• long click to select many tasks and: 
        move them all to a new or existing list
        share, finish, drop them all at once 
• you can drop all tasks in the selected list and selected time period by single click

Effectively, navigate your tasks
• filter your tasks upon list, period, or status .
• surf all your tasks in single list mode

Track your activities
• enable the status bar to progress the count of your today's and overdue tasks.

Search and sort app content
• search for task or list
• sort lists and tasks by time and alphabetical, created time, modifying time, or color
• drag and drop to put lists in custom order

Adjust the app's theme and look
• select blue, white or dark theme (night mode)
• set the count of the task's displayed lines.
• adjust the task's text size.
• set the default app's language to English or the default phone's language

Adjust the view option
• surf your lists and tasks in list or grid.
• navigate lists as vertical small tabs, or list.

Add the app widget to the phone's home-screen
• adjust the widget to display specific or all lists, overdue, today, tomorrow, latter or all periods tasks.
• enable grouping the tasks under the period's title.
• customize the widget's color, transparency, corners radius, and text size.
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Meshkat H 2022-08-03

The program is very good, but when repeating, we should also check the undone tasks so that they are repeated for the next days. Many thanks to the producers?
nishith mansata 2022-08-02

UI is clean. Lots of options for managing tasks. However, I am not getting any notifications at all. Don't know if it's a phone issue or an app issue. I had used another app previously, but this issue of notifications was not there. Any advice?
Daniel Akpayanga 2022-08-01

The app is nice and would have gotten 5 ⭐ only that after it rang once subsequent reminders didn't ring to call my attention. And what is the use of a reminder if it cannot remind you?
Yohannan K 2022-07-25

Excellent ? ? ?. At present,light colours only provided in edit list option. Provide option of dark colours also in edit list option and provide option to change font colours also. Provide option of automatic local backup on exit. That means immediately after exit...which will avoid the loss of data.
tact 2022-07-16
Hello Yohannan, you can set the dark theme from the menu>> view option>> choose one of the three colored rectangle to set the app theme to blue, white or night mode, and I'm working to add the local backup in future release. Thank you
Aaron 2022-07-24

I use it to message jobs that I will be attending shortly after I wake up, So I don't have to do it when I am tired I do it the night before so it happens while I am sleeping and gets a response usually by the time I wake up, great app
Hesam Ahmadi 2022-07-18

it has essential features in a simple way. great app with nice options in only 4MB. Hope to see home screen widget soon.
Amanda O'Connor 2022-06-29

Great for quick ideas I get/to-do's /tips from others! I just pull down the notifications, speak, and click my tab! I did tabs like..red, yellow and green for slow/med/fast todos. one called tips. One w lightbulb icon. I get so much done!! Wow! Smooth intuitive clean UI. Hubby's a dev- you worked so hard! This is beautiful! Thanks! I'll tell others!
davide masi 2022-06-27

Set up a couple of reminders with alarm and none of them actually worked. Found notifications for them in the phone notification bar as overdue a good few days after they were due. Not exactly what I was expecting. Update. I have done as requested by the developer but the alarm still didn't go off which means that I have missed one of my deadlines. I don't think there is a reason for me to retain this app.
tact 2022-04-30
Hello davide, set the battery optimization setting for this to off from your phone settings, also you can adjust the alarm settings from the app settings, and I'm working to improve that in the future release of this app. Thank you.
Canan Mağden 2022-06-25

it looks good, but it never works in background. İt rings only it is on screen. All permissions are given. I use it on Xiaomi Redmi note 7
tact 2022-07-16
Hello Canan, try to exclude the app from the battery optimization settings in the phone settings. that function will be improved in the future version of this app. Thank you
Chitranshu Vashishth 2022-06-19

Love the app. One request. Please allow to sort the lists in custom drag and drop fashion. Alphabetical and date created isn't what I need most of the times. Apart from that, amazing app. If you want to monetize it at less than $2 one time fee by removing ads. That would be great. Rest all perfect
tact 2022-07-16
Hello Chitranshu, thanks so much for your valuable feedback, and I'll take your suggestions into consideration.