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MeisterTask - Task Management

MeisterTask - Task Management


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MeisterTask - Task Management
MeisterTask is an intuitive tool for project management and task management. It is ideal for your personal organization, but also for agile and efficient teams. MeisterTask runs both on your mobile devices and online in your Internet browser!

Whether you want to manage projects and tasks of all kinds or create clear to-do lists and checklists, with its versatile functions and flexible Kanban boards, MeisterTask offers everything you need to work together with your team to make workflows much more efficient.

Notifications keep you up to date on the progress of your colleagues while ensuring that you never lose track of your own tasks or miss an important deadline.

But MeisterTask is more than a simple task management tool: it's a place where all your project-related information is securely stored and yet available to all project members at all times. It's a place where you can gain insights into the productivity of your team and track the progress of your projects. Moreover, it is a place where work is really fun!

Feature Highlights - FREE Basic Plan:
- Create an unlimited number of tasks and invite others to collaborate with you
- Dashboard with quick access to all your tasks
- Checklists / predefined checklists
- Notifications keep you up to date on what's happening in your team
- Real-time communication across all devices
- Activity list in projects and tasks
- Leave comments in tasks and 'like' activities
- Integrated time recording

Feature Highlights - Pro-Plan:
- Create project groups
- Upload custom wallpapers for dashboard and projects
- Create multiple checklists within a task
- Recurring tasks
- File attachments up to 200 MB per file
- Automate processes with different actions
- Statistics and reports
- Agenda - Personal Board

Feature Highlights - Business Plan:
- Assign roles and permissions
- Share projects with your entire team
- Custom fields
- Compliance and activity exports
- Priority Support
- Timeline - Gantt Charts

Note: To use MeisterTask, you must create a free user account. If you already have an account, using the mobile app will not cost you extra.

The basic version of MeisterTask is free. You can try the pro-plan for free for a week if you want to. If you are satisfied with your trial version, do not change anything and your membership will automatically resume as a monthly subscription with automatic renewal.

Privacy Policy: https://www.meistertask.com/privacy
Terms of use: https://www.mindmeister.com/legal
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Lance Bachmeier 2022-08-25

Fast and reliable.
Aza Lia 2022-08-24

Hope to had a checklist widget for this app on my phone.
sandeep chavan 2022-08-22

Easy understanding and best till i tried many but this is best
NewIndia is Bharat Again 2022-08-22

Amazing tool to manage tasks for the entire team. Features that can be added 1. Easy Categorization of tasks for individual + Across team. 2. Dashboard to monitor the progress of your team.
Michel Pierre 2022-08-07

Easy to use and the ui is nice
Matthew Torkaman 2022-08-05

I found this app very helpful, I can organize my projects and see the progress in one place. It also have a useful reminder
Dina-Anukampana Das 2022-07-17

It's simply Pure Perfection in Productivity, ease of use, design. It's a must, must, must have for everyone who wants to work efficiently!
NEERAJ KANSAL 2022-07-16

What a wonderful app this is. Simply wow. Hats off to the developers. Flawless. Everything is there. Multiplies your productivity. Though it's free and have almost everything in the free pack, i have taken the paid pack just to encourage the developers and say them Thank You Very Much!!!
Tim Ω 2022-07-16

Sadly this app has a lot of very obvious bugs and/or flaws. It looks nice, but sometimes feels rough around the edges.
Fresh and Essential with Monica Styles 2022-07-11

Very helpful, functional, allows breakdown for categories, areas for notes or updates while in progress, great APP!