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Calendar - Schedule Planner


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Calendar - Schedule Planner
Calendar: the best Calendar, awesome Schedule Planner, great Organizer - all this can be said about our Planner, which allows you to make a To Do List, set Reminders, make an Agenda and generally manage your Schedule for the day, week, month. and year. Also syncs with Google Calendar.

Some of the fantastic features of MC Calendar are:

? Calendar
● Create reminders in a format convenient for you;
● Manage the schedule planner with a simple drag and drop;
● Create, manage and duplicate daily schedule;
● Invite participants;

✅ To Do List
● User friendly task management;
● Syncing with Google that just works;
● Grouping tasks in handy task lists;
● Intelligent notifications exactly when you need them;
● Smart home screen widgets show instantly what to do;
● Add notes;

? Design and customization
● Standard calendar views (daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis);
● Weekly view in two layouts: standard day-columns format and journal;
● Combined agenda and monthly views for more convenience;
● Automatic day or week swiping of the past or upcoming events;
● Graphical visualization;
● Interactive widget (5 types);
● Day and night modes for the user interface;
● Highlighted working hours in daily and weekly views;
● Other tweaks to match personal preferences;

Try some of the schedule planner features for free or activate the Pro version for more features. The Pro version is available as a monthly / yearly subscription or a one-time payment.

Some of the advanced features are:
● Attaching files to events and tasks;
● Printing tasks/events;
● Creating up to five private calendars;
● Accessing full data backup and recovery;
● Application blocking;
● Converting tasks into events;
● Configurable number of days viewed (per week);
● Visualization of the weekly schedule in different formats;
● Graphic visualization of how busy you are;
● Forwarding of tasks and events;
● Invitations to events;

The calendar is easy to use online and offline!
Quick business calendar, or personal digital agenda manager planner!
Quickly switch between daily, weekly, monthly, yearly & event views!
No ads or annoying popups, truly great user experience!
No internet access needed, giving you more privacy, security, and stability!
Sync with Google Calendar, Outlook Calendar, Office365, etc.
Use the interactive widget as your calendar icon!!!

Download the Calendar app for your Android and manage your time efficiently!

Our team constantly monitors the software and updates the app regularly, for all questions and suggestions, you can write to: support@mcontrol.com

Website: https://mccalendar.app

Calendar MC - a new level of your productivity!!!
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    4.5.9 21 Dec. 2021
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Adriana Van Rooij 2022-08-28

Erg goed
N L 2022-08-22

Has wrong week number. Have to delete because this makes it useless.
Neutron Smash 2022-08-18

Even though I turned off all notifications this application still harasses me with banners begging me to purchase the "pro" version. Uninstalled.
Ken Wilson 2022-08-18

Look! If your premium app was a reasonable one time fee like maybe $8 at the most I would buy it. But there is no freaking way I am going to pay a subscription for an app. And there is no freaking way I am going to pay $25. You must be delusional.
Mona Murphy 2022-08-16

I am not happy with any of my calendars but I haven't seen this one and it looks clean. I will have to find it. Tried 4 already and they are all covered with pictures and writing
Mdm Loo 2022-08-11

Poppy Norris 2022-08-11

horrable and will not work
Gunasekaran Chinanan 2022-07-30

Catherine L Roseberry 2022-07-26

singaravadivelu ramanathan 2022-07-17

Good, Convenient to use