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Work Shift Calendar

Work Shift Calendar


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Work Shift Calendar
This app is designed for shift workers and people who need to organize their day to day basis and thus not to miss any appointments.

You can carry out an exhaustive control of your working day and your income quick and easily thanks to our statistics system.


- Create fully configurable shifts ✏️
- Add your workday, with option to include split shift and rest time. Keep track of your schedules ?
- Enter your income, overtime and early exit. Set up earnings and control working time easily ?
- Create alarms associated with that shift (for that day or for the previous day) and customize its sound ?
- Include actions at the beginning or end of the schedule of each shift (WIFI, sound mode, Bluetooth) ?
- Paint up to two shifts per day.
- Import your shifts from one calendar to another.
- Add customizable icons associated with a date ?


- Create notes on each day and add reminders with alarms. Don't ever forget important appointments or notes ?
- Customize the sound of alarms.
- Include images and handmade drawings in your notes ️?️


- Create a widget for your desktop and view your calendar even without opening the app.
- Choose between weekly and monthly Widget.
- Choose the size you like more.


- Enjoy the Monthly and Annual View (which allows you to see all months of the year just by sliding the screen, as well as Annual Statistics).
- Export your calendar to Google calendar.
- Add national holidays directly from Google Calendar ?
- Control working time and earnings by selecting a range of dates in the Statistics section.
- View upcoming notes at a glance.
- Compare different calendars.
- Share your calendar (monthly, annual view or comparison of calendars) with your friends via WhatsApp, email, Telegram ... ?
- Create backups easily.
- Set up to ten different calendars.
- Import other calendars simply.
- Use the icon search to find them quickly ?


- Modify your calendar in two ways:
(1) Quick mode or Paint: Select an event from the drop-down list and click on the days to paint them with that event ?
(2) Edit Mode: Select one or more days and perform actions in the selected day range (repeat, copy, cut, paste, delete or assign shifts) ✂️

- Shifts menu: you can see all the shifts of that calendar, create new ones, edit, reorder or import them.


- Easy to use.
- Clear interface.
- Customizable.
- PRO version that unlocks great advantages.
- Tutorial with the basic functions of the app and help section (FAQs)
- Fast and personalized customer service ℹ️
- Social networks ? enjoy explanatory videos, information about new updates and more visual content by joining our Shifter community.


We are a very small team of people who make a great effort to develop Shifter. If you like this app, you can help us improving it and continue adding new features. Buying PRO version not only activates all its advantages, but also greatly support the continuous development of the app.

FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM: @ShifterCalendar
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Ceil Bratland 2022-10-17

Love this ultra simple but surprisingly flexible shift calendar. Hubby and I can both fill in our work pattern so we can plan around our weird shift patterns. I highly recommend this no frills but well engineered app.
Rio Butron 2022-10-10

I am impressed by this app, it helped me a lot in checking my work shift schedule, as a nurse my schedule is messy and hard to track but by the help of this application it's more easy to check and shared my work schedule. It's so easy! Also you can set up an alarm in each schedule how amazing is that. I even shared this with my colleague who had trouble checking her schedule also. This app is a WOW! THANK YOU FOR SHARING THIS!
Mikaela Sinn 2022-10-09

Great app, you can use it for more than just work shifts, and the app is incredibly easy to use, just pay attention to the tutorial. I use it for everything, including appointments, work, birthdays, important events and all. It even has a spot that will calculate how much money you earn in your shifts
Julie Brown 2022-10-05

Awesome app! Works well keeping track of my ever changing work schedule. I like the sync feature available btwn multiple other apps so i only have to enter my data once!
Sean N 2022-10-04

Great app. I had an odd patterned schedule. I e mailed them asking for help and they got back to me within the day. Works flawlessly. The pro version is worth the upgrade as well. I now have my schedule for the next 5 years.
BRUCE DAVID 2022-09-28

This app is absolutely fantastic. It's solves a huge problem I had staying organized for my part time gigs as musician with different bands. Was very difficult to stay organized before Shift Calendar. Tried many different Calendar apps. This was only one that worked. Love it....very easy/intuitive to use. Would give 10* if could..
Sue Wigginton 2022-09-06

I used to swear by this app, recommended it to all of my shift friends. Now the alarms won't ever go off on the times that they're set, which considering I work 24/7 shifts is SUPER inconvenient!
Steven Long 2022-09-05

Works great! Although i used to be able to share the whole calendar with my wife using nearby share and now for some reason its not letting me do it. Ive tried a bunch of different ways and get get anyrhing to successfully transfer over to her phone, will update score if this is fixed.
sharne 2022-09-02

After all the hassle of having to register so many different types of shifts, times, overtime etc. over almost a year, I can't even backup my data and restore it on a new device without paying £5 to upgrade to 'Pro', which I'm not prepared to do as the app isn't even that great. I understand paying for extra features but simply backing up your data shouldn't have to be paid for. I've now found another app which has much better organisation features anyway, so I won't be using this one anymore.
CJ De Beer 2022-08-28

Great app but... Since android 12 update, when my reminder goes off, I can't stop it for a few seconds until the sound gets louder, then only it appears on the screen. App has full permission.