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Apex 英雄M
Apex 英雄M is rooted in the continuous evolution and growth APEX hero ™ universe, authorized by Electronic Arts, issued by Level Infinite, jointly developed by photon and Respawn Studio. Killing mobile games.

在這裏,來自邊境各處的英雄集結,為爭奪金錢、名聲和榮耀而戰。 Players can team up for three people to confront other teams. Flexible use of hero skills, combat combat, so as to dominate fighting.

在Apex 英雄M中你將體驗到:
- 完美還原,經典地圖再現
還原Apex英雄™經典地圖,你所熟悉的邊境風貌將被一一呈現。 On this basis, there will be new content continuously launch, continuously expanding the diversity of gameplay, so that every season will have a fresh experience.

- 戰術配合,暢爽遊戲體驗
在Apex 英雄M中,策略至關重要。 To formulate tactics, give full play to the advantages of each hero, and combine body movement, marksmanship skills, weapon selection, etc. These will be the key to the ultimate victory!

- 手遊獨享,全新英雄登場
手遊獨家英雄將逐一亮相! Different encounters have led them to join the APEX competition, but becoming the championship is the same common goal. I believe they can help you win more in Apex 英雄M!

- 個性英雄,玩轉專屬技能
經典英雄「尋血犬」,「直布羅陀」,「生命線」,「探路者」,「惡靈」,「邦加羅爾」 , "Corrosion", "Phantom", "Etane", and the new hero "Shadow" and "Madness" waiting for you to fight side by side. Master the exclusive skills of each character, understand their unique ability and background stories, and explore their favorite style of gameplay.

- 三人組隊,贏得最終勝利
三人組隊,和誌同道合的朋友一起加入大逃殺,開啟緊張刺激的競技角逐。 Use exclusive skills to cooperate with teammates to dominate the battlefield and become the champion team.

- 終結特效,一招製勝敵人
令玩家津津樂道的遊戲特色,在手遊中得到了充分的還原和升級。 Use the cool ending skills, use the unique way of heroes, win a move to win and win!

英雄集結,捍衛巔峰! Download Apex 英雄M immediately, and win the championship anytime, anywhere!
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