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Karta GPS Navigation & Traffic

Karta GPS Navigation & Traffic


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Karta GPS Navigation & Traffic
The most customizable GPS Navigation app in the world!
Download any map in the world or individual US State, customize your GPS Navigation experience with a funny voice and navigate on screen using a sports car, a police vehicle or even a spaceship.
Every road map is free and allows you to navigate offline without an internet connection with detailed turn-by-turn driving instructions.
On this version you will also get speed and radar alerts with LIFETIME updates, live traffic alerts and a comprehensible on-screen speedometer.

No costs no worries. Go anywhere without depending on an internet connection. Download any map, they’re all free.
Beat the traffic. Our live traffic service finds faster routes and avoids traffic jams.
Safety cameras alert. Know when you are approaching a speed radar.
Get suggestions. Discover what’s around you: restaurants, shopping, monuments and more, just a tap away!

Customize it. Enjoy your navigation with customized navigation icons and/or a funny voice!

Karta GPS USA is an efficient turn-by-turn GPS navigation app that also includes:

?️ Enriched OpenStreetMap (OSM) maps - Free road maps to download and use at any time;
? Full voice guidance with spoken street names;
? Automatic rerouting as traffic conditions change on the road;
? Add a stop and don’t just navigate from point A to point B
? One-box search: find everything faster;
? Voice search;
?️ Choose where to go for dinner, learn about the prices and reviews and make a reservation while getting the directions;
?️ Lane assistance for those complex highway exits;
↪️ Several alternatives for each calculated route;
?️ Find a parking spot as soon as you reach your destination;
? Find and navigate to any point on the map.
? Send your estimated time of arrival to those you’re meeting (ETA);
?️ Walking directions & tourist attractions;
? Share with friends via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, SMS or Email
More incredible features to come in the next updates.

Let’s Get to the Point! Together
Our offline maps are provided by OpenStreetMap and enhanced by Karta Software Technologies, with guarantee of the latest data available and free updates forever.

Some important details we need to let you know:
• When installing the app, make sure your phone is connected to a stable Wi-Fi network.
• Never let the navigation instructions interfere with your driving.
• Some maps may need large amounts of available storage. Please check your phone storage management for details.
• When using Karta GPS while driving, never hold the phone on your hands. Place it on a standard holder, with a clear sky view.
• Allowing GPS to run in the background for extended periods can lead to a significant reduction in battery life.

If you have any questions, contact us at: support@kartatech.com
Follow us!
Help Center: https://kartatech.zendesk.com/hc/categories/200913869-Karta-GPS
Facebook: fb.com/kartagps
Youtube: youtube.com/Kartatechnologies
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Ben Rosos 2022-07-09

One of the important apps on ny phone.
Karta Software Technologies - GPS Navigation 2022-07-09
Thanks for your review! ?
Viktor Guzovski 2022-07-07

1. All cards are very pale. 2. Asks for a lot of money. I delete
Karta Software Technologies - GPS Navigation 2022-07-07
Hi Viktor, first of all, we're sorry to hear you didn't like our app. Secondly, all in-app prices are reasonably priced and are optional purchases, meaning that you don't need to purchase them to use the app as intended. Regardless, thank you for your feedback. Hopefully, you'll give the app another try in the future. Have a great day.
Liana Hovhannisyan 2022-07-05

Good map easy to download and is very helpful.
Karta Software Technologies - GPS Navigation 2022-07-05
Thanks for your review! ?
pd gmc 2022-07-02

Excellent, Works great on my android car radio as well as my phone.
Karta Software Technologies - GPS Navigation 2022-07-02
Thanks for your review! ?
Krasimir Nedelchev 2022-07-01

Very pleasant app. Can you add an usefull option - select maps storage.
Karta Software Technologies - GPS Navigation 2022-07-02
Hi, thank you for your review and suggestion. We've forwarded it to the responsible teams for analysis. Have a great day.
Celastrina 2022-06-30

I'm not kidding. This is the best Offline GPS/Sat Nav app available. Period! It's so smooth, UI is great, clear instructions & navigation and very accurate. Karta Team, I'm a sucka for lanes, if you could add Lane guidance/assist that'll be an easy ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. Assist is needed for big cities please. As a matter of fact, I'd be more than happy to PAY for that!!!! ? To improve, add services pics too like of restaurants to further improve app for when using it online.
Karta Software Technologies - GPS Navigation 2022-07-01
Hi there, many thanks for your kind review. We're glad you're enjoying Karta GPS. As for the lane feature, it's currently supported but unfortunately not all maps can use the feature yet, but hopefully this can be improved with future map updates. Thank you again for supporting our app.
Klaus-Udo Kloppstedt 2022-06-26

not usable for route planning! weird algorithm how much details are shown depending on zoom level. when zoom is set to get some overview, only major highways are visible. zooming in, some smaller, not very know cities and even very small villages appear. you have to zoom in further to see first non-highway streets and first bigger towns. to reach a level of detail to get an impression where you are and what are possible routes to your next waypoint, the on-screen map area is too small.
Karta Software Technologies - GPS Navigation 2022-06-29
Hi there, thank you for your review. The routes are calculated taking into account several factors, so understanding your experience with it would help us. We've forwarded your concerns with the zoom level feedback to our teams for analysis. Thank you.
brian sanders 2022-06-22

Terrible just keeps coming up with adds
Karta Software Technologies - GPS Navigation 2022-06-22
Hi Brian, we're sorry to hear that. We've developed a great navigation app which we're providing at zero cost. Given that we're currently one of the few independent navigation developers (meaning that this is our main business), this means that we need to support our technology development by displaying ads in the app. Thank you.
Al Man 2022-06-19

It's a nice clean app but lacks a lot compared to Google maps
Karta Software Technologies - GPS Navigation 2022-06-21
Hi, thank you for your review. We're actively working to provide the best experience in the app.
Thomas Mangezi 2022-06-10

Looks more advanced GPS
Karta Software Technologies - GPS Navigation 2022-06-10
Hi there. We appreciate your rating. Thank you. ?