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GPS Live Navigation, Maps, Directions and Explore

GPS Live Navigation, Maps, Directions and Explore


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GPS Live Navigation, Maps, Directions and Explore
GPS Maps and Directions main features:
• REAL-TIME MAPS: Travel with real-time navigation and route suggestion
• OFFLINE MAPS & NAVIGATION: Trusted by many travelers for fast & easy navigation.
• LIVE TRAFFIC ALERTS: Reach destination faster with real-time traffic updates
• EXPLORE PLACES: Find a gas station nearby and eat around you
• WEATHER UPDATES: Check the local weather forecast and plan your day
• SPEEDOMETER: Helps you stay within the speed limit

Our GPS map app reveals the world around you with a powerful routing engine, traffic updates, intuitive turn-by-turn directions, and interactive maps to help drivers build engaging driving and the best navigation experience. All these features factor in real time traffic information while you're driving, including the current speed limit, so you'll know exactly how long until you arrive.

Choose between real-time or offline GPS navigation and reach your destination faster and easier without any hassles. You can also share your estimated time of arrival with family, friends, and coworkers. Almost all the countries and territories are mapped with millions of places of interest for your convenience.

With traffic driving, cycling, and walking direction modes, our maps make it easier, safer, and more environmentally friendly to find the way to your destination with your choice of navigation. Our near me option with guides can help you find the best places to eat, shop, and explore.

Turn-by-turn navigation:
Our turn-by-turn navigation feature guides you to your destination with audio and visual help along the way when you're on the move. Use driving, walking, and cycle navigation modes anywhere in the world. Getting around doesn't get much more accessible.

Traffic aware routing:
Live traffic automatically finds the fastest route even as conditions change along the way. Get to your destination faster with instant routing changes to avoid traffic and save you time. Traffic automatically updates during the trip, and drivers are notified if a faster route is found.

Offline maps & routing:
Download the desired map specific to your region and navigate freely and easily without the internet. Embedded routing engine that can instantly reroute users who miss a turn or pull off the road for a quick stop, even without an internet connection and with high-quality offline maps.

Explore new places:
Discover new ways to explore new places around the world to eat, shop, meet friends, and explore. Search and find local restaurants, businesses, and other nearby places and share them with friends and family.

Precise location tracking:
Enhanced location engine cleans up conflicting GPS data to provide consistent positioning and movement on the map so you'll know exactly how long until you arrive at your destination.

Report a traffic accident:
Users can safely and efficiently report an accident, hazard, or speed check along your route. You can even report when incidents displayed on the map have been cleared, all while keeping your navigation intact and your focus on the road.

Customize & favorite:
Customize your location and add favorites for faster navigation and save time. Share the customized locations with your friends and loved ones.

Enhanced location engine:
The precise location engine continually filters and processes GPS signals and generalizes a driver's current location, even when GPS signals are unavailable, using dead reckoning algorithms to avoid navigation interruptions.
This allows the Navigation SDK to provide high position accuracy, with low latency, so that the driver's location on the map stays in sync with the vehicle's actual location resulting in more timely and accurate directions, fewer reroutes, and more on-time deliveries and pick-ups.

Enjoy fast, detailed and reliable maps with turn-by-turn navigation trusted by over 10 million travelers worldwide and counting.
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Gani Kas 2022-07-18

Feels like an advertisment app. You get ads popping up everyday, yes, everyday, even when you are not using the damn app. My advice is just use it when abroad and delete it immediately.
K Yung 2022-07-16

I use this mainly because I do not want to use data on phone when traveling. But when there is no internet, it takes forever to reroute when I took the wrong turn. Without the immediate update, I took another wrong turn and the reroute calculation continue until I finally stopped my car and wait.
Thomas 2022-07-05

This app use to be the best. Can't say that anymore. Sees me on the map half the time if I'm starting from my house but has my address as someone else's 2 counties away. Also, it doesn't pull up addresses half the time.
Loveitdownunder 47 2022-07-02

Well as soon as I opened after downloading it asked me to sign up for Facebook. I dont have Facebook and never will. I wanted maps NOT FACEBOOK... DELETED as I cannot move passed the Facebook sign up. Why does everyone in this world thinks that life runs on Facebook...
Lyon Valkyrie 2022-07-02

Completely garbage, tells you to download your local areas map so you do, then acts like it's not downloaded and keeps trying to get you to download it again, but you can't seeing as it's ALREADY DOWNLOADED . Was this app designed by monekys?
Domina Horti 2022-06-25

Couldn't even find a business that's been here for years and years. Show motorcycles as an option, but that must be premium cuz I can't find it.
Ewa Bryszkiewicz 2022-06-24

Never really review apps but this was so bad I had too. Incessant adds and notifications make the app unusable, can't even say how the functionality is as the adds pop up mid action preventing you from doing anything.
Nathan Culp 2022-06-23

The interface looked nice enough but I had many crashes on a phone that has hundreds of apps that never crash or very seldom and run for days before they do or i am pressing them beyond what is normally acceptable. Then there are the ADS!! WOW, WHEN IT WASN'T CRASHING, I WAS ABLE TO SEE THE ADS WHICH WERE ABUNDANT, BUT WHEN YOU CLOSE THE AD DISPLAY IT TAKES YOU BACK TO THE MAIN MENU AND FORGETS THAT YOU ASKED FOR DIRECTIONS. WHERE IT IS AN ENDLESS LOOP OF ADS AND CRASHES. MIGHT JUST BE MY PHONE
D. Tyler 2022-06-21

Installed the map and it Immediately failed to find the first location input into it... The closest it could get was one state to the west off... imagine if you depended on it to get you places i dont know.. like it was a map or something... OH Wait!! Failed miserably I'll stick with google maps. Thanks.
Tipu Sultan 2022-06-07

Hi, this is Tipu sultan. I liked this app and i'm new also in this app. I would like to know about weather report, this weather report are worked before few days ago but it’s not working. It's showing buffer not open. Please fix it for me. Thanks