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Calendar Widget Month + Agenda

Calendar Widget Month + Agenda


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Calendar Widget Month + Agenda

A simple, but highly customizable calendar widget with the month view and agenda view combined. It gives a good overview of your events at hand on your Home screen. Separate widgets (month only and agenday only) are also available.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a trial version with NO TIME LIMIT. After 7 days, you will be asked to buy the license key to unlock more options and support further development. But you could continue use this app for free as long as you want until you decide to buy it or not.

ALSO NOTE: This is NOT a calendar app. This is a widget. To make it work you should add it to your Home screen (like on the screenshots).

• Shows events from Google Calendar
• Shows events from Outlook Calendar
• Shows events from Facebook
• Shows contact birthdays
• Shows holidays
• Compatible with most of calendar apps on the Play Store
• Colorful event markers on the month grid section
• Upcoming events on the agenda section
• Week numbers (optional)
• Tap on a date opens default calendar app
• Beautiful and clean design
• Looks similar to HTC Calendar Widget (from HTC Sense)

The app still in development. If you are faced any issue or have any ideas, please let me know at calendar@itbenefit.com.

And don't forget to rate and comment it if you like it :-)

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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Juan Emilio Canales 2022-09-12

I purchased this app 4 or 5 years ago. It has worked great. But now every 2 weeks, I get a notification that the trial period has expired. This is annoying. Please fix this issue.
NoszerO Xray 2022-09-03

Great widget. Mine had an issue with the key today. I bought it- A LONG TIME AGO... and it said I didn't. I'm on Android 13. Just go to settings in this app and click on "restore license". It takes a long time. Restart phone and eventually all your stuff will fix itself.
Daniel Gilmartin 2022-08-27

The only calendar widget worth buying. Works perfectly on Android 13. Thank you!
Sky Blue 2022-08-25

My favorite calendar app ever! I love how easy it is to use and customize to size, how much information is shown, and now I want to change the color so I'll be looking into the features included in the paid subscription ?
Carrie 2022-08-18

Its a good app. Bad part is that you have to keep restoring the purchase over and over...
Mike Veis 2022-08-16

App not working properly. I put in an appointment I get the LA Dodgers schedule. When I delete the Dodgers schedule, it deletes my appointments. Also, unable to have holidays listed. There are bugs causing these problems. App no good. Bad. Uninstalled. REJECTED!
Sebastian Wietzorrek 2022-08-04

I'm ok with the features of the trail version...I don't need more. I would be happy to pay a one-time fee to get rid of this annoying reminder everytime I open the calendar through the widget ... That's not worth 5€ annually though. Update: Installed Key...works fine now.
Antonio Roji 2022-07-23

I would have been willing to pay a one time fee... But a subscription? No way. Thankfully I found an almost identical app with a cheaper one time fee.
Tony Glaude 2022-07-13

This is an OK app but customer service is all but nonexistent. I have an icon in the center of the home page widget. Under that icon are the words, "tap to complete setup." In complaining, I was asked to send a screenshot. I did. Can't get a response.
Mike Veis 2022-07-12

This calender isn't working right. Every time I delete the Dodgers baseball schedule, it deletes my appointments on the calender widget as well as the holidays. Please fix this problem or I may Uninstall this app.