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Class Timetable - Schedule App

Class Timetable - Schedule App


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Class Timetable - Schedule App
Class Timetable is the perfect companion for school, college or university. Keep track of classes and add events to your week's schedule with ease.

With over seven million downloads, Class Timetable features a beautiful color filled interface, optional multi-week timetables, and much more:

• Home screen widget support
• Tasks
• Dark mode
• Import + export
• More...

THE PERFECT SCHEDULE APP: no other schedule for school, college, or university has ever been this easy to use. Swipe left and right to see what's coming up in your schedule, or rotate your device to see your timetable presented in a beautiful week display.

KEEP TRACK OF HOMEWORK: with a built in task list, you can do more than manage your schedule. View your college assignment, stay on top of your school homework, and use features like task categories to ensure everything is organized.

PRO FEATURES: class notifications, timetable export, task reminders and more ensures Class Timetable is the best schedule app out.

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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

g g 2022-08-04

There's no option to repeat schedule so I would have to waste time inputting the same timetable each week. Pretty useless.
Joshua Shelton 2022-08-01

Looks clean and user friendly but the fact that I have to input every single day is super frustrating. The user should be able to copy events or set up recurring events. Kinda weak without that basic schedule function.
Nicole Stols 2022-07-26

I would have given this app five stars if it allowed me to share my timetable. The feature does exist, but the recipient was unable to open it. I myself couldn't open the document. It keeps saying the file type is unsupported. Edit: I have since discovered my timetable can now be shared as an image. Great update. I am very happy.
Class Timetable LLC 2020-02-25
Hi there, thanks for your review! We’re sorry to hear it wasn’t working - it is only supported as a .timetable file at this stage.
Lucas Mcintosh 2022-07-07

Great organizer, i use it to organise things i made on games and to create timelines rather than it's normal purpose.
41_030 MH_Rakib 2022-06-30

It helps me too keep tarck of my class schedule. Easy to make schedule makes even better. And description options, note options helps a lot
Ghanshyam Sarda 2022-04-27

Thi app is wonderful,and simple to use,i thanks to developer for this app and one more thing i want to suggest you plese add notification option of that subject so it can be more easy for students
Ryan Kettle 2022-03-23

Simple organisation goes a long way. This app does just that perfectly. All I'm craving now is a notes space, for a list of extra stuff for the week.
Mei Kaguya 2022-03-23

Love this app.. looks like I've found what i've been looking for. i was so frustrated because I couldn't manage my day but with this cute timetable it is very easy to follow my desired timetable ?
Aspen Fyre 2022-03-03

So easy and intuitive to use, very very useful for planning lectures. I have ADHD, and the colour coding option helps so much.
R Regala 2022-02-28

I love this app it helps me in my class . I suggest that it will be more functional for me that if the developer add an alarm not only the notifications.