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World Building Craft

World Building Craft


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World Building Craft
World Building Craft is #1 sandbox block world crafting simulator. If you can imagine it, you can build it!

The 3D random generated open world is composed of rough 3D blocks for you to pick up and place everywhere. You can use a variety of different pixel cubes to build anything from simplest houses to magnificent wonders! Big Ben, Cristo Redentor, Eiffel Tower are all in your palm now!

Game Features:
- Craft anything you like with hundreds of predesigned buildings
- Open world sandbox game where no specific goals are required to accomplish
- Unlimited resource to build with plus the ability to fly
- Building, exploration, resource gathering, craft and many other activities
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Cyrus Stuart 2022-08-18

Great game. But could you add doors? Then i'll rate 5 ★★★★★
Crizelda Narciso 2022-08-12

I played this game before so I built my city in world building and now I deleted it, so... I was trying to level up when yesterday I'm at level 14 after one month I was 5 years old and play block craft 3d... now I'm going to play world building to create my large CITY!!! so I'll play now, of these blocks... but...
Darlington Tedek 2022-08-11

This game is nice but the number if block is the problem ot finish early
A Google user 2022-07-29

I don't no what's to Wright cuz all I have to say is a water fall of compliments! ????????????????? super fun but there needs to be a thing to help teach you how to play cuz u was confused
Gibbie 2022-07-28

I like it but its not like block craft 3d.
Brian Welsh 2022-07-27

Game could really use some furniture but other than that it's really good you should also I wood like furniture like workbench or like something because if there's things like supposed to be kind of like Minecraft almost it has to have furniture because it has craft name but you don't craft
Fabiella Iraissa 2022-07-26

Its a very wonderfull game you can make houses to make money i like it and it doesn't have to much adds
Dawn Birkett 2022-07-24

It's an ok game but there is no chest or crafting box to put your inventory in. There is no furniture to sleep on. Please update game. I mean it's ok but add more blocks. This is why I rated it a three stars. It's not like other crafting games. So please update the game. Plus you cannot build your own homes,you have to build their buildings. There are no villages either but there are other people in the game.
Hamna mudasir 2022-07-23

I give it three stars bacause it has no furniture and it dont have more skins so add them please
nancyash khushi 2022-07-17

Is this game simple? Is this game a classic? Is this game complex?