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ViuTV Official App

ViuTV is a free TV station in Hong Kong. Its productions are famous for being in depth, niche and creative. A series of reality shows, dramas, talk shows, variety shows and travelogues have earned reputations and become especially popular among youngsters. Not the mention the latest acquired dramas and animations, plus new, finance, music, sports and many other diversified programs, ViuTV has given Hong Kong audiences many more entertainment choices.
Through ViuTV app, audiences can watch programs and exclusive online videos on demand, or interact with other audiences while watching the live stream, enjoying 24 hours non-stop entertainment across different devices.

.Encore: Catch up programs on demand.
.Live Simulcast: Watch live broadcast of ch.99 simultaneously.
.Live Chat: Interact with others while watching live stream.
.AR Game: Redeem rewards with the AR interactive game.
.Schedule: Keep updated with the latest TV schedule.
.Membership: Enjoy the full library and all personalized functions.

***Android TV app is now available! Enjoy larger joy in a larger screen!

All videos are limited to Hong Kong audiences.
Live simulcast for ch.96 is not supported yet.
Any question on ViuTV App, please email us: enquiry@viu.tv

If you like our App, please give us your 5-star rating :)
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