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TimeBlocks -Calendar/Todo/Note


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TimeBlocks -Calendar/Todo/Note
TimeBlocks is a mobile planner that enables smart time management through simple and easy interface.

[Detailed functions]
● Intuitive schedule management, Calendar
• Use it easily just like a paper diary through intuitive drag & drop action.
• Screen enlarges according to number of schedules, so you can view the schedules at a glance like a calendar.

● Don’t forget, To-do
• Manage your trivial tasks on To-do list.
• Incomplete tasks are moved to the next day to help you remember.

● New challenges, Habit
• Manage new habits in Habit list.
• You can find your habit records in Habit Mini Calendar.

● Whenever it may be, Memo
• If there are plans that you can’t fix the time right now, keep it in Memo and plan it later.
• You can organize memos by month to set up general plans.

● Themes, stickers, and wallpapers for decoration
• You can decorate the diary on the app. TimeBlocks in-app store provides colors, stickers, masking tapes (date background), themes, and fonts for you to decorate your own calendar.
• You can find decoration items by unique artists and design companies that are working with TimeBlocks.

● Anniversary
• You manage birthdays, holidays, and anniversaries, etc.
• It supports both solar and lunar calendars.

● Together with other services, Connection
• Did you use another calendar before? You can easily connect it through Connection service.
• It can link to Google, Apple, Naver calendars, Google Keep, and Apple Reminders.

● For faster use, various widgets
• You can access various functions in TimeBlocks through widgets.
• It provides various widgets including monthly calendar, weekly calendar, today’s list, habit list, to-do list, etc.

● Group schedule for friends, family, loved ones
• You can share your group schedule with friends, family, and loved ones.
• You can designate different access level by participants, and receive real-time alarms in case of changes.

● What to do today? Event recommendations
• Weekends, after work, after school… what do you do after your busy schedule?
• TimeBlocks recommends various events based on user’s interest to spend time well.
• You can add recommended events to the Calendar or save in Memo.

● What did I do today? Other information of the day
• You can check various activity logs in the past along with the schedule.
• You can link to the current photo app to find photos taken on that day along with the schedule.

● Better time management with TimeBlocks Premium
TimeBlocks Premium provides powerful functions for better time management.
Improve your productivity through 1-month free trial.
• Interval Marker
• To-do in Calendar
• Habit in Calendar
• Date Countdown
• Remove Ads
• Auto Sync
• Alert Setting
• Search All Period
• To-do’s % Complete
• File Attachment
• Color Label
• Memo Scheduling
• Memo Alert
• Support for All Connections
• Bonus Coins
• Coaching Price Discount

● Authorization for app use and purpose
• Alarm: Schedule alarm and push alarm
• Calendar: Used to import schedules from built-in calendar.
• Contact: Used for attendees in the schedule.
• Location: Location information in schedule, or weather information of current location in calendar.
• Photo: Photos in Other information of the day.
• Biometrics: Used for biometrics login.
• Camera: Profile photo for the account.

● Terms of use
• https://timeblocks.com/legal/terms

● Privacy policy
• https://timeblocks.com/legal/privacy

● Customer support
• Developer: TimeBlocks, Inc.
• E-mail: support@timeblocks.com
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Is there anything new? Please tell everyone.

Samuel Owens 2022-08-20

Can't delete new events. I was using this to keep track of homework assignments. Gonna have to find a different app now.
Renjith R 2022-08-18

I don't know why I downloaded this app. Creating an event is a herculean task. The app still uses scrollable time picker.. 1980 style. Also ads with basic functions are not working, asking to purchase the ugly UI.
Nick Plyukhin 2022-08-14

Finally an simple and easy to use calendar and to do app. I would give 10 stars for Drag and drop interface! Of course the app is not fully streamlined (some parts are not translated to English) or for example a general to do list is missing (not linked to specific day) but overall this is the future of to do apps, very intuitive user interface, where everything is at one place and you can add an event with few clicks.
Mishi Habes 2022-08-06

Loved this app for over a year, but now randomly wants me to "confirm" a message in another language before continuing. I have no idea what it says and can't change the language. There is no way around it that I can see. Very frustrating, now I will have to start from scratch with a new app.
Linda Yoest 2022-08-05

Yay!!! The sticker glitch is fixed. ❤ Love this app! Top notch Tech Support, too! Thank you Tech Support!! Previous review: Great calendar! I have used this app for years and even bought the Premium version. I love it. One issue, I just started using stickers and that feature seems glitchy. I can put stickers on some days but not others. Sometimes it puts the sticker on the day previous to the day I selected. Hopefully this will get fixed. Love Timeblocks calendar app anyway!
Alexandra Soroca 2022-07-02

Useless. Free version only has events in the calendar. Any calendar app can do it. No intervals in the calendar (what initially attracted me to it), no to-do, no habits. The free version has nothing like the complete schedule experience ("organise your time in one place"). Also there are Korean ads and poor localisation (Korean in notifications, for example). Screenshots in Play led me to believe it was exactly what I needed. However, these screenshots refer to the paid version. Uninstalling.
Daniëlle Bosma 2022-06-02

Everything is locked behind premium, bad, don't use it.
Vivien Zamfir 2022-05-23

Hello, Whenever I want to add a sticker to a specific day, it adds it on the previous day instead.
Rudiyaningsih 2022-05-21

It can't sync with google task and google calendar.
Lindsay Claypool 2022-04-09

I love the simplicity and functionality. The only thing I would personally want to change is to be able to see the day with events and tasks on one page.